22 Celebs Who Admitted to Being Smokers

by Sierra Burgos

22 Celebs Who Admitted to Being Smokers

Some celebrities try to keep their habits on the down-low, while others—to quote Kate Winslet—”don’t give a f*ck.” Did you know these celebs were smokers?





Johnny Depp



In a 2014 interview with long time friend Iggy Pop, the movie mogul joked, “I smoke a thousand cigarettes a day. I’m working my way up to ten thousand.”


Lana Del Rey



Much like bad boy Johnny Depp, Lana Del Rey has no shame about her smoking habit. She commonly smokes onstage during performances.


Ashton Kutcher



Although he quit a few years ago, Ashton Kutcher used to be a huge smoker. Perhaps it was his role as Kelso on That 70’s Show that inspired him to start puffing.


Mila Kunis



Unfortunately for Kutcher, his co-star and wife Mila Kunis still remains a heavy smoker. Maybe he can give her some tips on how to quit?


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen



They began as Hollywood’s golden girls, but the Olsen twins have grown into mature adults. Nowadays, it’s uncommon to see them without a venti Starbucks or a cigarette in hand.


Robert Pattinson



Apparently, Rob’s pal Leonardo DiCaprio tried to help the Twilight star kick his habit for good. This lasted up until his then-girlfriend Kristen Stewart was discovered cheating on him, and he turned to cigarettes to cope.


Katy Perry



The California Gurl took up smoking to calm her nerves while planning her wedding to Russell Brand, but it didn’t stop there. Fans have expressed worry that the hitmaker’s sweet voice will become more of a “Roar” if she continues smoking.


Daniel Radcliffe



Dammit, Harry. In between the cameras, interviews, filming, working out, learning Japanese, and 90-hour weeks, Radcliffe has said smoking is “his only remaining vice.” Well, that, and saying Voldemort’s name out loud, because he doesn’t give a crap.


Kate Winslet



The Titanic actress rolls her own cigarettes. She picked up the smoking habit on the set of Sense and Sensibility when she was only 19.


Leonardo DiCaprio



Kate’s famous costar, Leo, also had a smoking habit, possibly due to the number of films he’s had to smoke in. Recently, he switched to electronic cigarettes, and it isn’t uncommon to see him puffing during big events like the Golden Globes.





Rumour Has It that Adele was once a pretty heavy smoker—which makes us wonder how she still has such a powerhouse set of pipes.


Zayn Malik



Sorry, Directioners and ZAYN fans everywhere… The sexy ex-member of 1D admitted that he’s smoked since he was about 15 years old.


Barack Obama



President Barack Obama took up smoking when he was only a teenager, but has since quit because he’s “scared of [his] wife.” Well, Mr. President, with arms like those, we’d be intimidated by her, too.


Cameron Diaz



Looks like the former Charlie’s Angel isn’t an angel all the time. In a 2014 interview with Chelsea Lately, Diaz said, “I think one cigarette every once in awhile is not going to kill you.”


Katherine Heigl



Heigl once had a huge smoking problem, but she revealed on David Letterman that she now uses electronic cigarettes. Then she and David had a good laugh and a smoke together.


Simon Cowell



Cowell reportedly smokes 40 cigarettes a day. He planned on stopping when his son was born in 2014, but he’s still puffing to this day. But hey, the American Idol judge doesn’t give a crap about what we think.


Miley Cyrus



It’s no secret that Miley enjoys smoking. Cigarettes match perfectly with her wild girl image, but she allegedly indulged in cigs even when she was still brown-haired Miley. And, according to her Instagram, she’s quite the cannabis connoisseur as well.





RiRi is definitely a celeb who loves pot and doesn’t care who knows it. But she’s also a fan of cigarettes. Somehow, her voice still makes us swoon.


Elijah Wood



The Lord of the Rings star has actually advocated for more rights for smokers. In an interview with BlackBook, he described 10 things that irritate him the most, and this was #2: “Anti-smoking laws that now extend to outdoor spaces. Can we not let the use of free air be determined by the people using it? Most spaces are smoke free, and I accept that – particularly inside restaurants – but can smokers not have patios and general outdoor areas?”


Jennifer Aniston



Although she has since quit, the Friends actress used to be a dedicated puffer. Maybe she picked up the addiction from Chandler Bing’s habit.


Chris Brown



Chris Brown announced that his 2016 New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking. But in February, his ex, Nia Guzman, claims that it was Chris’ cigarette smoke that gave his daughter asthma. The singer assured everyone via Instagram that cigarettes are no longer a part of his life, and that his ex was just after his money.


Britney Spears



This world-famous pop star used to smoke upwards of 40 cigarettes a day, but that was back in 2007. And we all know what 2007 Britney was like… Nowadays, she smokes less but isn’t ashamed of lighting up. Because she’s Britney, bitch.