23 Things That Beyoncé Made Look Totally Cool

by Jessi Wilson

23 Things That Beyoncé Made Look Totally Cool

She’s a pop goddess. She’s #flawless. She’s the boss. She’s—well—Beyoncé. And she’s setting trends that only the Queen Bey herself could set. Here are 23 of our favorite things that are cool because of Beyoncé.


Animal Hoodie Pajamas



Thanks to Beyoncé, every adult now has an excuse to own a pair of adorable—and snuggly—animal hoodie pajamas.


Bee (or Bey) Everything



Bee rings, bee tats, bee shoes, bee everything! Of course, bees are cool now, but, honestly, who cared about bees before Queen Bey?


Bold, blunt bangs



This pic made us call our hairstylist to schedule a bang trim ASAP.





Today, we bow down to Sasha Fierce, but did you know the singer was a pageant queen as a child? Here’s proof.


Fun with Sand



We never thought being covered head to toe in sand sounded like any fun … and then we saw this photo.


A ‘Bootylicious’ Body



If there’s one thing we love about Beyoncé, it’s her confidence with her curvaceous body. Things even got a little heated when she claimed H&M Photoshopped her body for an ad campaign she did with the retailer.


Super Bowl XLVII



We may not remember who won Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, but we do remember Beyoncé’s killer performance.


Destiny’s Child



We can’t deny this girl group was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but Queen Bey reunited the trio (which included original members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) for her Super Bowl XLVII performance and brought them into this decade.





We can thank Queen Bey for making it socially acceptable to be a diva or a “female version of a hustler.”





We love stars who give back, and Beyoncé not only has taken part in humanitarian trips, but she also launched the #BeyGood initiative on her website.


“I Woke Up Like This”



Yes, the singer started the “I woke up like this” frenzy when her song “Flawless” was released in 2013.


“I’m Not Bossy. I’m the Boss”



Props to Beyoncé for standing up for young girls who get pegged as “bossy.” In this video, Bey and other influential women explain why we should all “ban bossy.”


Natural Hair



Beyoncé never seems to be afraid of showing the world the real her, natural hair and all.


No-Makeup Selfies



She really did wake up like this! Beyoncé posts a TON of (beautiful) no-makeup selfies. Can you say #confident?


One-Piece Swimsuits



Really though, no other mom could look this hot in a one-piece.





Speaking of being a mom, who else could make parenting look so glamorous?


Public Displays of Affection



It seems Jay Z and Mrs. Carter have no problem showing a little PDA … ever.


Pixie Cuts



This bold cut takes serious confidence, which seems to be no problem for Beyoncé.


This Plaid Skirt



Normally, we’re not sure we’d be into this skirt. But, of course, Queen Bey rocks it flawlessly.





And the Houston, Texas, native reps her hometown frequently on her clothing.


Roller-skating … and Falling



Only Beyoncé can make falling on roller skates look so #flawless.


Super Short Bangs



Bey went though a daring short-bang phase and STILL looked amazing. WARNING: Don’t try this cut at home.


Kale Sweatshirt



Thanks to Queen Bey and her 7/11 music video, it seems like the public’s obsession with the superfood kale isn’t going anywhere. In the video, Beyoncé wears this “Kale” sweatshirt while dancing on a balcony.