23 of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities

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23 of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities

The lifestyles of the rich and the famous are glamorous, gorgeous, and incredibly costly. And between the couture gowns, tailored suits, expensive cars, and multiple vacation homes, it isn't like celebrities are trying to hide it. According to Forbes, at least one celeb has racked up $300 million this year alone. From endorsement deals to sold-out shows, we have the 411 on who these millionaires are and how they earned that kind of cash.


Floyd Mayweather



The 38-year-old boxing sensation earned an estimated $300 million last year, putting him at the top of our list. Mayweather not only broke but shattered the record for annual earnings by an athlete.


Manny Pacquiao



Famous boxer Pacquiao fought against our highest-earning celeb for a $300 million purse but lost the fight, bringing him in at $160 million earned this year. But with endorsements from both Nike and Footlocker, it is safe to say Pacquiao didn’t really lose out on much besides the winning title.


Katy Perry



This ferocious pop sensation gathered up an estimated $2 million at every performance on her Prismatic World Tour. With multiple sold-out concerts and endorsements from Cover Girl, Katy comes in at third, with $135 million.


One Direction



Despite one member of the world’s biggest boy band quitting on them—we’re looking at you, Zayn—One Direction still came in with a payday around $130 million. The band rose to fame after appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent” back in 2010, and they haven’t slowed down since.


Howard Stern



The snarky, sometimes perverted, and rather entertaining radio host earned an estimated $95 million but might lose out on a large sum of cash, thanks to a dispute with Sirius XM radio. And by a large sum of cash, we mean an 8-digit payout. Now we’re curious, Howard: What did you do to make Sirius so mad?


Garth Brooks



The 53-year-old country singer returned for one last tour this year and earned $90 million. Dedicated fans came to see Brooks perform his famous songs and ballads one last time. He supposedly made about $1 million at every stop. That’s pretty damn good for a man who claims he is retired.


James Patterson



The 68-year-old author earns more than anyone else in the publishing business. Titled the busiest penman of the decade, Patterson writes about 16 books a year and earns $89 million from doing so.


Robert Downey Jr.



The actor, most famously known for his role as Iron Man, makes $80 million annually, thanks to his roles in The Avengers and Captain America sagas. This year alone, Robert Downey Jr. made more than any other actor in the business. Maybe it’s the superpowers helping out, but regardless, where do we sign up?


Taylor Swift



At the young age of 25, T-Swift has broken musical records with 1989 as the top-selling album of 2014. The “Bad Blood” singer is currently on tour and has already earned $80 million. As of early October, there had been $159,005,961 in revenue sales so we think it is safe to assume that $80 million payday is only going to get higher.


Cristiano Ronaldo



The hunky soccer player for Real Madrid has earned $79.5 million in sales, as well as the titles “Best Player in the World” and “World’s Most Popular Athlete.” Ronaldo sounds like he is winning not only on the field but off it as well.


Rush Limbaugh



As one of conservative America’s favorite radio hosts, Limbaugh broadcasts through 625 affiliates to 20 million people across the continent. With an audience like that, we aren’t surprised he’s earned $79 million this year alone.


Ellen DeGeneres



With more than 2,000 episodes of “Ellen” under her belt, Ellen has a stream of money that never seems to end. The funny, charitable TV personality has made $75 million this year alone. Speaking of charitable, the star took a selfie and earned $3 million for charities around the world. Only a selfie of Ellen and her celebrity BFFs could earn money like that.


Lionel Messi



The Argentine soccer player has made $74 million this year, since he was given a raise of $9 million more a year after breaking a record for the most goals at a Barca competition.


The Eagles



This legendary band went on tour for their “History of the Eagles” tour and earned an estimated $73.5 million, thanks to their devoted fans.


Dr. Phil McGraw



The 65-year-old TV host and psychiatrist published his thirteenth book this year, selling 51,000 books in just one week. The book, which was about weight loss and healthy living, earned a spot on The New York Times bestseller list and also helped Dr. Phil earn $70 million.


Roger Federer



With endorsements from Rolex and Nike, it is no surprise that this tennis sensation made it on our list. Ringing in with $67 million in earnings, Federer is the highest-paid tennis player at the moment.


Calvin Harris



Talk about a power couple! Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris both made it on our list of celebrities. The 31-year-old Scottish DJ earned about $66 million so far this year and is the world’s highest-paid electronic dance music artist.


Justin Timberlake



As a new dad to son Silas, Justin Timberlake has his hands full with his family, so he hasn’t been on tour much. But even though he is not performing very often, the “Sexyback” singer still managed to earn $63.5 million this year, thanks to endorsements from Bud Light and Sony.


David Copperfield



This famous magician made the Statue of Liberty disappear, won 21 Emmys, has 11 Guinness World Records, and earned $63 million from his shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The 59-year-old entertainer has sold more tickets than Michael Jackson and Elvis ever did. Talk about impressive!


Sean Combs



Also known as P. Diddy, Sean Combs doesn’t perform much anymore, but the rapper still pulls in a lot of money. Thanks to Ciroc Vodka, his clothing line Sean John, his line of tequila, and an alkaline water brand he created, Combs has earned $60 million.


Ryan Seacrest



Despite the fact that “American Idol” is pretty much over, this radio and TV host still managed to make $60 million this year. His red carpet interviews, morning radio chats with celebrities, and everything in between manage to keep this guy in the top earnings loop.


Lady Gaga



We have a feeling that this Lady’s earnings are about to skyrocket with her new part in “American Horror Story: Hotel.” As one of the biggest names in the music industry, Lady Gaga is expanding her horizons and switching up her brand, which has already earned her $59 million this year alone. Her deals with Versace and MAC are helping too.


Ed Sheeran



Ever since Ed Sheeran was discovered by Elton John and Jamie Foxx back in 2011, Sheeran’s career has only grown. After performing 154 shows—the most shows by one person in 2014—Sheeran made $57 million, and we expect that to grow steadily as he continues his tour in Australia.