24 Celebrities with Hidden Talents You’ll Never See Coming

by Claudia Williams

24 Celebrities with Hidden Talents You’ll Never See Coming

Every celebrity is famous for something. Whether it’s acting or singing, our favorite Hollywood starlets are obviously very talented, or else they wouldn’t be famous, but so many celebrities have offstage talents as well. Find out what celebrities have hidden talents and just how quirky some of them get.


McDreamy Can Juggle



Who knew juggling could be so dreamy? “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Patrick Dempsey plays a brain surgeon nicknamed McDreamy due to his good looks and perfect hair. But apparently he is as good with his hands off set as he is on.


Bieber is a Rubik’s Cube Master



Justin Bieber is known for a wide variety of things these days, but being an expert at solving Rubik’s Cubes is probably not one of those things. The singer and heartthrob can solve the puzzle in 1 minute and 23 seconds. It’s not the world record, but it’s sure fast.


T-Swift Makes Homemade Jam



Taylor Swift knows how to jam on and off the stage. Between concerts and rolling with her squad, the pop star is known for making jams and jellies, which she delivers to friends in cute, little Mason jars. She even made some for Ed Sheeran back in 2013.


Amanda Seyfried Can Crochet



As if she wasn’t the sweetest actress out there already, Amanda Seyfried is a wizard at knitting and crocheting. She showed off her skills on “Ellen” by bringing her a hand-knitted beanie. Where can we get one, Amanda?


NPH Has a Way with Wands



Neil Patrick Harris is no Harry Potter, but hes must be a pretty great magician considering he serves as president on the board of directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle and won the Tannen’s Magic Louis Award in 2006. He even shows off his magic tricks on “How I Met Your Mother” every once in a while.


Black Belt Barker



Bob Barker, everyone’s favorite “The Price Is Right” host, has some killer karate skills. The 91-year-old game show sensation learned his moves from … who else but Chuck Norris. We’re curious, Bob—was the first move he taught you a roundhouse kick?


Sandra Bullock Speaks Several Languages



Just when we thought Sandra Bullock couldn’t get any better, we discover she is fluent in multiple languages. Bullock learned German while living in Nuremberg with her family and grandfather. She grew up attending opera tours for 12 years before moving to the United States to pursue acting.


Kristen Wiig’s an Artist



Hilarious comedian and actress Kristen Wiig is a talented artist and actually went to art school before realizing she wanted to become an actress. She continues to draw when she has free time between movies.


Susan Sarandon Is Paddle-Savvy



Famous actress Susan Sarandon is a kick-ass Ping Pong player and even co-owns a social club and bar (Spin) that is geared toward the fast-paced sport. Spin now has six locations all over the United States where table-tennis lovers can come sip a few cocktails and get competitive.


Fancy Feet Farrell



Most people think of Colin Farrell as a hunky actor with a gorgeous, Irish accent. But before Farrell made it on the big screen, he used to make a living in Ireland as a line dancer, getting down to his roots in cowboy boots.


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Saddles Up



Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting might be in love with a science nerd in “The Big Bang Theory,” but she has one true love in real life: horseback riding. The actress has been competing and riding since she was fifteen and is seen at the Los Angeles equestrian center regularly. Nobody can hold the reins on this girl.


Taylor Lautner Kicks Ass



Taylor Lautner was deemed the Junior World Forms and Weapons Champion after receiving his black belt and winning three gold medals in martial arts all before the age of eight. He had the chance to show off his skills as a werewolf in Twilight with crazy stunts and a few topless shots too (swoon).


Emma Roberts Can Fake-Cry (Like a Baby)



We wonder if Emma Roberts is going to show off her hidden talent in “Scream Queens,” the new television show she stars in. The actress can make herself fake-cry like a screaming baby. Talk about a strange talent.


Conan Can Tap-Dance



TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien started tap dancing as a kid infatuated with black-and-white films. He took up lessons and showed off his skills on “Conan” back in 2012 as a tribute to The Artist, a black-and-white film that won Best Picture at the Oscars.


Christina Hendricks Plays the Accordion



Most of us know Christina Hendricks as the gorgeous, red-haired Joan Holloway from “Mad Men.” The star plays the accordion on the show once in a while and actually plays the unique instrument in real life too. She loves the romantic, rich sounds it creates, and we do too!


Bob Dylan Creates Iron Art



Most commonly known for his music, Bob Dylan creates art in more ways than one. The singer/songwriter is also a visual artist who creates massive, highly detailed sculptures out of iron. He had his own exhibit at the Halcyon Gallery in London in 2013.


Coach Snoop Dogg



Snoop Dogg wins the dad of the year award for this one. In 2005, the famous rapper founded The Snoop Youth Football League for inner-city kids. His sons were on the teams he coached, and one of the other young players went on to play in the Super Bowl!


Angelina Jolie Has Good Aim



As if we weren’t intimidated by her beauty and bad-ass attitude, Angelina Jolie knows how to throw knives and do tricks with blades. The gorgeous actress and humanitarian learned her tricks on the set of The Tomb Raider and has a habit of showing off her skills on talk shows.


Pierce Brosnan Plays with Fire



Pierce Brosnan has a talent that comes straight out of the circus. The actor learned how to eat fire at a workshop in London when he was young, and he was actually offered a spot in the circus but decided that being James Bond would be a better career decision. We agree, Pierce.


Beyoncé Always Wins



You know you made it in life if you beat Kanye West at playing Connect 4. Beyoncé is a wizard at Connect 4 and plays it as a way to zone out after shows and on long flights. Queen B or Queen of Connect 4?


Harrison Ford Flies Helicopters



Indiana Jones himself took his love for adventure, heights, and fast-paced action off the big screen and into real life. Harrison Ford has a pilot’s license and often flies helicopters. He even uses his talents to help rescue stranded hikers and fellow adventurers.


Eva Longoria Loves the Clarinet



Our favorite housewife, Eva Longoria, has a hidden musical talent—she can play the clarinet. The actress showed off her skills on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” when they had a clarinet duel. Jimmy – 0 Eva – 1


Bruce Willis Can Play the Harmonica



Bruce Willis began his career as an artist by playing the harmonica for an R&B band called Loose Goose. Despite his movie stardom, Bruce still occasionally plays with his newer band “The Accelerators.”


Demi Lovato Gets Twisted



Double-jointed Demi Lovato can completely twist her arm all the way around her body. Who knew so many celebrities could star in their own circus act?