25 Empowering Body Positive Quotes from Your Favorite Celebrity Divas

by Faith Brar

25 Empowering Body Positive Quotes from Your Favorite Celebrity Divas

Celebrity women have it rough. Whether they are shamed for putting on a few pounds or called out for being too thin, maintaining a healthy and positive mindset about their personal body image can be tough. Here are 25 body positive quotes by our favorite celebrity divas that remind you that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


Drew Barrymore



“My limbs work, so I’m not going to complain about how my body is shaped.”

Preach it sister. After a long struggle, Drew Barrymore is finally loving and accepting her body for what it is. The 40-year-old exudes confidence and even admitted to InStyle that she doesn’t own a two piece swimsuit anymore. You go girl! Becoming a mother to daughters really put things in perspective for her. She realized that it’s not worth putting so much energy into being someone everybody else wants you to be. Don’t let anybody’s hateful words make you question your love for yourself.


Emma Stone



“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”

This lady knows how to keep it real, especially when it comes to body-shaming trolls. The 27-year-old academy award nominee has dealt with a fair share of criticism about her weight and appearance, often being accused of being too skinny. But rather than letting the negativity get to her, she chooses to rise above it—proving to be a great inspiration for young women all over the world.


Jennifer Lawrence



“If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f- yourself.”

The Academy award-winner is not shy when it comes to voicing her opinion. She demands that Hollywood embraces a “normal” body type. And time and time again, she’s called out the entertainment industry for having an extremely misconstrued conception of what a woman should and should not look like. Thanks for always leveling the playing field J-Law.


Serena Williams



“Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.”

She may be the best tennis player in the world, but Serena Williams keeps it real when it comes to the struggle of accepting her body. Last year, the Grand Slam queen told The Huffington Post that she grew up comparing her body to her sister’s. She also struggled with the fact that most female athletes were thin, and well, she was “thicker”. But by having a more positive state of mind, Williams has become a huge inspiration for women who aren’t the expected size 2 or 4. “You can be down in life, but you can overcome things based on the way you think and how you set your frame of mind,” she said.


Selena Gomez



“I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Selena Gomez has gone through a lot these past few years. From her very public split from Justin Bieber to dealing with internet trolls commenting on her weight gain, the singer and actress has handled every blow with a lot of grace—giving her young fans something to look up to.





“The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you gotta work with what you got.”

The teen star is known for giving haters the middle finger. And for such a young age, she sure has some wise words to say when it comes to self love and acceptance.


Tina Fey



“Now every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a Californian tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama, and doll tits. The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes.”

Preach it, Tina Fey! That’s one way to call out society for their ridiculous physical standards for women.


Khloe Kardashian



“I’m proud of my body. I’m finally in a good place and learning to love me for me, and not somebody else’s standards.”

After years of being labeled “the fat one” of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Khloe Kardashian shut down body shaming haters once and for all when she appeared on the cover of SHAPE magazine’s May issue. The KUWTK star put a lot of hard work into getting her new body. That said, she clarified that she has always been happy with her figure. “I love my shape because I’ve earned every curve. I work hard in the gym to get it,” she tells the magazine. “But I also loved my shape before, when I was curvier. I was always incredibly comfortable in my skin.”





“I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.”

Karl Lagerfeld might have called her “a little fat”, but Adele doesn’t have time worry about something as petty as her looks. The ten time (!) Grammy award-winner is a constant reminder that women should learn to be comfortable with their body image and not waste their emotions on people who are quick to judge others simply based on appearance.


Melissa McCarthy



“My weight? It is what it is. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s about being content. And sometimes other priorities win.”

First she was cursed for being overweight, then she lost her spot on Mike and Molly because of her astounding weight loss. Despite her difficult struggle with her body image, Melissa McCarthy has chosen to rise above what the tabloids have to say about her and has learned how to set her priorities straight.


Gabourey Sidibe



“One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.”

Despite being constantly bullied by the media for her weight, Gabourey Sidibe is another Hollywood diva whose chose to ignore all the negative banter surrounding her. The exuberant actress is proud of being plus-size and emphasizes the importance of self-perception.


Lena Dunham



“I think about my body as a tool to do the stuff I need to do, but not the be all and end all of my existence.”

The creator and leading lady of Girls has struggled with her weight for quite some time. Though after years, she is finally at peace with herself and is a huge promoter of body positivity. She believes that all female bodies are beautiful and that women should work together instead of judging and criticizing one another.


Emma Watson



“I don’t have perfect teeth. I’m not stick thin. I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.”

She might be envied by millions of women for her looks and successful career, but like many of her co-stars, Emma Watson too has worked hard to overcome her insecurities. In an interview with Glamour UK, the Harry Potter alum talked about how she’s reasoned with herself and realized she wants to focus more on the person she is rather than worry about the inadequacies of her body. It’s something we should all strive to do.


Taylor Swift



“I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does that—even the people that I consider flawless—then you can start to live with the way you are.”

With one of the most successful careers in music, T-Swift is a great reminder that even the most beautiful celebrities have insecurities too. The “Bad Blood” singer admits to having negative feelings about her body, but when she realized that everyone is prone to those negative feelings, she was able to find a way to grow past those emotions.


Jennifer Lawrence



“I’d rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life than to look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life.”

Listen, if this quote should teach you anything, it’s that you cannot hold yourself to the standard of people who are paid to look good on camera. Even they think it’s bullsh*t.


Sandra Bullock



“‘I’ve made peace with the fact that the things that I thought were weaknesses or flaws were just me. I like them.”

Sandra Bullock is an inspiration for women young and old. Last year she was crowned World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People—and not just because she is beautiful, which she is, but because she found beauty in motherhood. “What is beautiful is the honor of being Louise’s mother,” Bullock said in her interview. How adorable?


Drew Barrymore



“When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful.”

Drew Barrymore is beautiful inside and out, and the perfect person to let you know that inner beauty and outer beauty are definitely connected. After all, what good is a gorgeous face or amazing body if you can’t go to sleep feeling good about who you really are inside?


Ashley Graham



“Your words have so much power. Every day, if you tell yourself ‘I love you,’ if you give yourself one word of validation, it will change your mind.”

The face of the body positivity movement in America, Ashley Graham has become a voice for the average woman. Constantly urging society to reevaluate their perceptions of beauty, Lane Bryant’s leading lady is all around #goals. (Make sure you check out 20 Ways Ashley Graham Encourages Body Positivity).


Kate Upton



“I want to enjoy life, and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable.”

Often considered the Marilyn Monroe of our time, Kate Upton has had fans swooning over her curvy figure ever since she snagged the cover of the 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She has been an inspiration to young girls all over the world, promoting the sexiness and appeal that comes with being a full-figured woman. She is proud of her curves and urges other girls to strive for the same.


Emma Stone



“I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun.”

Oh, the double-edged sword of being female. If you wear makeup, you’re insecure or trying to “trick” potential mates — if you don’t, you’re lazy, prudish, or masculine. Here is the deal, if you want to wear makeup, do it, and do it for yourself. Have fun with it. If you don’t want to wear makeup? Don’t, and enjoy yourself. And no matter what, don’t make assumptions about why somebody is doing it differently than you.


Jennifer Lawrence



“You look how you look. Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

Preach, girl. Physically suffering to impress other people is way dumb. That’s not to say that a grueling workout routine isn’t worth it, but you should be doing it for you, and you alone. Never deprive yourself of something you enjoy (especially something like food) because you think it will impress other people.


Keke Palmer



“If you focus on the inside, you’ll feel just as great about the outisde. I feel attractive when I’m doing good and helping people.”

Such wise words from Keke Palmer. It’s so hard to focus on the things you don’t like about your appearance when you’re using your body to do good in the world. Sometimes lifting other people up can do way more for yourself esteem than lifting weights ever could.





“Step away from the mean girls and say bye-bye to feeling bad about your looks. Are you ready to stop colluding with a culture that makes so many of us feel physically inadequate? Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others.”

On more than one occasion Oprah has confessed to using food as a stress reliever. After countless times of being in the news for both gaining and losing weight, the business woman has come to a point where she finally accepts her body for what it is.


Emma Stone



“You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damned red velvet cupcake.”

Seriously. Eat the cupcake. There is nothing more to say.


Kristen Bell



“Who cares if there are lumps on my thighs? I’m guilty of having human legs made up of fat, muscle, and skin, and sometimes when you sit, they get bumpy!”

Known for promoting a healthy body image, Kristen Bell is very down to earth when it comes to being honest about her body. Her quote should give you something to think about when you look at yourself in the mirror. Remember not to judge yourself based on society’s expectations of you, but rather, give yourself a break. You probably deserve it.