25 Fun Facts & Dirty Secrets about Chrissy Teigen

by Jasmine Gordon

25 Fun Facts & Dirty Secrets about Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is totally having a moment. The 30-year-old swimsuit model, television host and Twitter power user has been called “the queen of the cool girls.” Between maintaining the world’s most dedicated obsession with junk food, sporting the cutest baby bump in history, and being consistently hilarious, it’s hard not to wish she was your best friend IRL! Whether Teigen is a longtime girl crush or just popping onto your radar, we’ve compiled a list of fascinating facts and dirty secrets about this legend.


She’s Not a Mean Girl



Chrissy Teigen’s fans and followers are actually mostly female. When speaking with Cosmo, Chrissy said that men were “very critical” of her outspoken ways.

Currently, Chrissy has “way more female followers than [she does] men,” but she’s totally okay with that. In fact, she “loves” her female fans right back.


She Can Throw a Mean Fast Pitch



Chrissy Teigen was once invited to throw the first pitch of the year at a Dodgers game. Did she throw terribly?

Absolutely not! NYMag writes that Chrissy got the ball over the plate, which means she has a better fast pitch than an array of male stars and athletes who’ve previously thrown on live television. As of now, Chrissy can definitely pitch better than 50 Cent, George W. Bush, and Carl Lewis.


She’s a Member of the Mile High Club!



Chrissy Teigen makes no bones about her affection for long-term love and hubby John Legend. While Chrissy says they’re “by no means freaky-deaky,” her idea of a good time might still shock some people!

Chrissy admits that on a first-class flight to Thailand, she and Legend hooked up “under a blanket,” right out in the open! Freaky-deaky, indeed.


She Eats Fast Food



Chrissy Teigen doesn’t maintain her enviable figure on a diet of lettuce and ice water. She’s a dedicated food lover, and admits to having a fast food obsession.

In an interview with Bon Appetit, Chrissy admitted she’s more than a little obsessed with Taco Bell. That’s not her only fast food vice, though. Says Teigen, “If I’m drunk, I love a little White Castle.”


She Doesn’t Kill Herself at the Gym



Chrissy Teigen definitely isn’t a star who worries too much about staying fit. When asked how she looks so great for photo shoots, Chrissy confessed she “works out very hard” for “maybe a week” before she gets her picture taken.

Once the photos have been snapped, Chrissy isn’t afraid to take a break. “Never again until the next one!” she writes, admitting that she’s just “being honest.”


She Loves Funny People



Chrissy Teigen’s ideal happy hour buddies are all comedians. When polled on who she’d like to have drinks with, her list included “Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, or Jerry Seinfeld.”


She Loves Getting Dressed Up for Hamburgers



Chrissy Teigen isn’t afraid to admit that she loves the makeup, hair styling, and fashion that go into a red carpet event. However, her “ultimate sexy-time feel” arrives a few hours after the event. Teigen loves being “half-unzipped” from an event in her gown eating hamburgers in bed.


She’s Not That into Fashion



While Chrissy’s style is never short of impeccable, you won’t find her fighting too hard for the latest haute couture. Chrissy Teigen describes her style as “simple, sleek, sexy, chic.” She doesn’t think she looks good in high fashion—or anything that comes across as trying too hard.


Her Girl Crush Is Also Super-Cool



You probably won’t be surprised to learn Chrissy’s girl crush. She admits to digging singer Rihanna’s style and ability to pull off any look. Says Teigen, “Her confidence just oozes.”


Her Pet Peeve Is Bad Food Photos



Chrissy is a serious food lover, but it really bugs her when people post terrible date night food photos to Instagram. To stay off her annoying list, this food blogger recommends taking photos of your plate during “daylight hours.”


She Doesn’t Lie about Her Imperfections



Unlike many celebrities who hide their intensive beauty routines, Chrissy Teigen doesn’t believe in hiding the effort that goes into a model’s look. When asked how she’s able to switch her hair between light and dark so quickly, Teigen admitted she uses extensions and that “ninety percent … is fake.”


She’s a Fan of Kimye



In one of the cutest #relationshipgoals moments yet, Chrissy and John Legend went on a double date to Waffle House with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye.

While their waffle date was basically worldwide news, Chrissy Teigen had some pretty kind things to say about Kimye’s marriage. Describing Kim and Kanye as “genuine,” Teigen wrote they were so “loving and affectionate.”


She Doesn’t Let Cyber Bullies Get Her Down



Despite being the target of some incredibly vicious attacks by Internet trolls, Chrissy Teigen still loves social media. She says her experience is “ninety-nine percent good,” and she’s learned to ignore “all the idiots.”


She Loathes Nutella



While the majority of Chrissy’s fans can stand strong behind her loves for tacos, burritos, and burgers, she has at least one controversial food opinion.

It would certainly seem that Chrissy Teigen is no fan of everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. She’s tweeted that she is “TIRED OF NUTELLA,” and even that “Nutella is sh!t”!


She Loves to Swear



Chrissy Teigen strikes the perfect balance between classy and fun. She’s definitely not afraid to use a little profanity in her social media, which we think makes her way more likable. In fact, Chrissy has even admitted that her favorite word is “for sure” the f-bomb!


She’s Struggled with Infertility



While Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may seem to lead the charmed life, they’re no stranger to infertility struggles. Chrissy admits she wishes she could have had kids “six years ago,” but it took infertility treatments to finally get pregnant. We couldn’t be happier for her and her crooner hubby!


She’s Not the Only Cook in Her Kitchen



While Chrissy Teigen’s cooking skills are pretty much legendary, her hubby John Legend has been known to help make a meal from time to time. “I love his fried chicken,” she says. However, not all is good. She confesses his macaroni and cheese is a “little dry.”


She’d Rather Wear Her Bikinis to the Pool



As one of the world’s most famous swimsuit models, there’s no question that Chrissy Teigen has amassed a collection of swimwear that’s to die for. That’s no guarantee she wants to wear it on the beach, though.

Per Teigen, “I truly hate the beach.” Why? The sand makes her feel dirty!


She Doesn’t Got Back



Even though Teigen’s body is dang close to perfection, she’s confessed she would change it slightly if given the chance. Chrissy Teigen spilled to MTV that “I would love a big butt. I just can’t seem to get there.”


She Day-Drinks



In an interview with Esquire, Chrissy Teigen ordered a “carafe” of wine at 11:00 a.m. She stops drinking “when it gets dark” to avoid hangovers, she says.


She’s No Cheese Snob



You may think someone with a celebrity grocery budget would develop a refined palate. Is Chrissy Teigen’s favorite cheese aged Gouda? Marscapone? Brie? Nope, nope, and nope.

Actually, she thinks American cheese is “the most underrated cheese.”


She Believes in Body Confidence



Chrissy Teigen isn’t afraid to take a hard stance against cyberbullying and body shame. In fact, she even spoke out against comedian Nicole Arbour’s viral Dear Fat People video.

In an interview, Teigen said “There is such a thing as fat-shaming,” and she advised her fans to stop giving Arbour a platform and attention.


She Keeps It Real



Chrissy Teigen has received plenty of backlash for unretouched photos of her naked body on Instagram and magazine covers. However, the star refuses to be shamed by her critics. Teigen is a huge fan of the “you do you” philosophy, stating that she thinks sharing photos that make you feel confident “should be normal”.


Her Life isn’t All Glamour



Despite John Legend’s reputation as a “romantic” husband, Chrissy Teigen admits their life at home isn’t totally glamorous. She says, “We have a real life together” including time spent doing things like “picking up dog poop.” Good to know!


She’s Learning to Keep Her Mouth Shut



Chrissy Teigen definitely lives life at full speed, but she also says she’s learning to think before she speaks. “I definitely regret things all the time.” Her plan is to be a bit more careful in the future before she overshares to avoid regrets, though we not-so-secretly hope she doesn’t change one bit!