27 Hilarious Anna Kendrick Musings and Quotes

by Claudia Williams

27 Hilarious Anna Kendrick Musings and Quotes

Anna Kendrick doesn’t have almost 5 million followers on Twitter for nothing. All it takes is a quick scroll through the actress’s feed to see how relatable and hilarious she truly is. From her witty comments about the single life to her obsession with Netflix, it seems like she’s one of us! We’re not quite sure how she always says exactly what’s on our minds, or how she manages to squeeze her comical thoughts into 140 character or less, but we’re thankful she does.


Speaking the Truth



“It’s cute how I used to think this ‘barely holding it together’ feeling was temporary.” —Twitter


Laughing about Her Short Stature



“There’s actually a girl in this movie who’s smaller. So everyone’s excited for me, that I’m not the smallest one.” — Glamour


Being Social (or Anti-social)



“Sometimes I think, I need to think before I speak. And then other times I think, I shouldn’t leave the house or interact with people ever.” —Twitter


Showing Love for Pitch Perfect



“My favorite thing on Twitter is guys being like, ‘Listen: I’m not a pussy, but Pitch Perfect is awesome.’ I’m like, ‘I didn’t think you were a pussy, sir.'” —Glamour


Ordering Sushi



“I’m done being embarrassed about my boring taste in sushi. If it looks like it killed Nemo’s mom, I’m not eating it.” —Twitter


Hanging with the Green Bay Packers



“It’s amazing that we’re the same species. I mean, it was like being next to a blue whale.” —“Late Night with Seth Meyers”


Poking Fun at Kanye



“I’m so humble it’s crazy. I’m like the Kanye West of humility.” —Twitter


Working in Sweatpants



“If I find a movie where my character wears sweatpants all the time, I swear I’ll do it for free #TheseAreFacts.” —Twitter


Being Single on Valentine’s Day



“Can we drop the pretense of ‘Presidents Day’ and just call it ‘I needed a long weekend because Valentine’s Day is garbage.'” —Twitter


Joking about Her Rapping Career



“When you think Anna Kendrick, you think hip-hop.” —“Conan”


Saying What We’re All Thinking



“Sometimes the best part of my day is imagining what I’m gonna eat when I get off work.” —Twitter


Meeting Beyoncé



“She points to Jay Z and was like, ‘We just watched you in the Kennedy Center Honors—you were so great; you were so cute in your little red dress.’ And she said that I had a little red dress, which means that she actually watched it. Or it means that I was having a stroke and I imagined the entire thing.” —“Conan”


Making the Perfect PB&J



“I dated a guy who slammed my PB&J shut when he got frustrated w my need for peanut butter to be perfectly distributed. We did not last long.” —Twitter


Being an Asshole



“For someone with such an intense need to be liked you’d think I would have figured out how to be less of an asshole.” —Twitter


Eating Whatever You Want



“If the frosting has cream cheese, it counts as breakfast, right?” — Twitter


Obsessing over Taco Bell



“It’s a secret … It’s a dirty thing that I love Taco Bell so much. I cannot, cannot eat Taco Bell before midnight. It’s like a reverse Gremlins thing.” —“Conan”


Inventing the Best Idea Ever



“So, there’s NO existing service that rents puppies to people with hangovers? America, you have failed me.” —Twitter


Dealing with Reality



“It still blows my mind that I’m at an age where if I got pregnant people would be happy for me. #yikes #babies” —Twitter


Describing the Perfect Man



“A man fixing your computer is the new chopping firewood; makes a lady feel safe and warm. #swoon” —Twitter


Summing Up Adulthood



“I don’t think I can call myself an adult until I figure out how to use bleach in the laundry.” —Twitter


Referencing Harry Potter



“My Patronus is a corgi.” —Twitter


Saying No to Fan Fiction



“I’m really grateful to all the weirdos out there, but I think it’s better for my personal sanity not to read my own fan fiction.” —Fashion magazine


Ditching Friends for Dessert



“‘I don’t want a whole dessert; let’s just get two spoons’ —Former friends of mine.” —Twitter


Hoarding Quarters for No Reason



“‘I own a washing machine now, but I still hoard quarters like they are rare gems.’ #BrokeKidShit” —Twitter


Earning Her Place in One Direction



“I heard @onedirection has a job opening … and from certain angles I look like a British teenage boy soooooooooooo” —Twitter


Trying to Hide Her Resting Bitch Face



“Is there a filter on Instagram that fixes Bitchy Resting Face? Asking for a friend.” —Twitter


Relating to Our Netflix Addiction



“Sometimes the only reason I leave my house is so when someone asks about my day I don’t have to say, ‘Netflix and avoiding responsibilities'” —Twitter


Photo Credit: Michael Stewart- FilmMagic/Getty