27 Stars Who Are WAY Smaller Than They Look

by Hilary Braaksma

27 Stars Who Are WAY Smaller Than They Look

Ranging from a tiny 5’0″ and topping out at 5’7″, these 27 short celebrities might surprise you!


Lea Michele



Glee actress Lea Michele may have a big voice, but the star is actually pretty petite—coming in at only 5’3″!


Kourtney Kardashian



Kourtney may be the oldest Kardashian sister, but at 5’0″ she’s also the shortest.


Salma Hayek



5’2″ Salma Hayek has tons of presence on-screen, which is what makes her petite size so surprising!


Big Boi



Big Boi, the shorter half of former rap duo Outkast, is a surprising 5’6″.


Martin Scorsese



Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorcese tops out at a surprising 5’4″.


Anna Kendrick



The 5’2″ actress Anna Kendrick gets big laughs, even with her small stature.


Lena Dunham



GIRLS star Lena Dunham is only 5’3″, a full foot shorter than her romantic interest throughout most of the series.


Danny DeVito



Nobody ever accused actor Danny DeVito of being tall, but his 5’0″ height still comes as surprise!


Amy Poehler



Hilarious Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler is definitely on the short side, coming in at 5’2″.


Hilary Duff



We were surprised that this actress and supermom is only 5’2″ tall!


Lil Wayne



This rapper didn’t adopt the name Lil Wayne for nothing, considering he is only 5’5″.


Jon Stewart



The 5’7″ former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is surprisingly short.


Mary-Kate Olsen



Fashion icon Mary-Kate Olsen definitely gets things hemmed, considering she’s only 5’2″.


Kristen Bell



Actress Kristen Bell is another one of our favorite short celebrities, at a height of 5’1″.


Reese Witherspoon



Some actresses play up their petite size, but we were surprised to find out Reese Witherspoon is only 5’1″.


Bruno Mars



We never would have guessed that R&B crooner Bruno Mars tops out at 5’5″.


Natalie Portman



Actress Natalie Portman has played some powerful leads, even if her 5’3″ stature is rather petite.


Kevin Hart



Comedian Kevin Hart is the first one to make jokes about his size, but we had no idea he was only 5’4″!


Avril Lavigne



Pop punk princess Avril Lavigne is smaller than she seems, at only 5’1″.


Eva Longoria



The 5’2″ actress Eva Longoria may be short, but she commands attention.


Jada Pinkett Smith



Even in family photos with hubby Will Smith and her kids, we never would have guessed Jada is only 5’0″.


Kim Kardashian



Maybe it’s all those designer heels she wears, but we were surprised to learn Kim Kardashian is only 5’3″.


Lucy Liu



Svelte actress Lucy Liu looks tall on-screen, but in real life she’s only 5’3″.


Daniel Radcliffe



Harry Potter superstar Daniel Radcliffe spent years in front of the camera, but we still didn’t notice he’s only 5’5″.





Pop powerhouse Prince has tons and tons of stage presence, but he’s relatively short at only 5’2″!


Kendrick Lamar



Emerging rap star Kendrick Lamar is another surprisingly short celebrity, at only 5’6″.


Lady Gaga



Popstar Lady Gaga turns heads everywhere she goes, but she’s surprisingly short—only 5’1″.