28 Celebrities Who Actually Deserve to Be Treated like Royalty

by Emily Gregor

28 Celebrities Who Actually Deserve to Be Treated like Royalty

These celebrities were practically born for the spotlight. While they won’t be taking the throne anytime soon—most relationships are very distant—these 28 celebs are so close to royalty we should start giving them all the Beyoncé treatment. #BowDown.


Hilary Duff



The 18th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Hilary Duff is the most royal celeb in the United States.


Uma Thurman



This starlet, a favorite of film director Quentin Tarantino, is related to Queen Elizabeth II, too. Her 21st cousin once removed, Uma would #slay if she got to hang out with Parliament on a regular basis.


Paris Hilton



Paris Hilton was born to be royal. Let’s be real; this socialite is the queen’s 20th cousin, distantly related to Henry II.


Ellen DeGeneres



Queen Ellen has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Ellen DeGeneres is the queen’s 19th cousin twice removed. She and Portia would be too hot to handle if they were anywhere close to Westminster.


Brooke Shields



While Hilary Duff claims the title for the “Most Royal” American celeb, “Lipstick Jungle” star Brooke Shields takes a close second as the queen’s 18th cousin once removed. Not only is she related to the Queen of England, she also has roots in the Italian aristocracy and is related to French King Louis XIV.


Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal



The Gyllenhaals have always been royal in our minds, but Maggie and Jake are actually related to Her Highness as well. While they’re more directly related to Swedish nobility, the two are 19th cousins to Queen Elizabeth II. They’d better start learning their royal court etiquette ASAP.


Richard Gere



Chicago star Richard Gere is more than just our fave silver fox. The actor/activist is related to Edward I: 22nd cousin twice removed. Just think about how Pretty Woman would’ve turned out had he been a king instead of a businessman.


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie



Like Brad and Angelina don’t already have it all, they can both add “related to royalty” to their extensive resumés. Brad is marginally more royal than his stunning bride (he is the queen’s 25th cousin twice removed, while Ang is her 26th), but the two are a match made in royal heaven.


Beyoncé Knowles



A queen regardless, Beyoncé too is related to HRH. This Houston native is Queen Elizabeth II’s 25th cousin once removed, so her title is totally legit.


Tom Hanks



Tom Hanks has often stolen our hearts on the silver screen, but we would’ve swooned even more if we had known he was the 24th cousin of the queen!


Glenn Close



Six time Academy Award–nominated actress Glenn Close plays a killer villain, but she’s also Queen Elizabeth II’s 24th cousin twice removed. Rule on, Cruella, rule on.


Michael Douglas



Michael Douglas is another actor who was definitely born into the right family. Like Hilary Duff, Michael is related to King Edward III, making him the queen’s 19th cousin once removed.


Johnny Depp



The 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Johnny Depp got to take a glimpse into his family tree when he appeared on the British version of “Who Do You Think You Are.” Tracing his family back more than 500 years, he found one branch descended from Sir William Gascoigne of Yorkshire, whose wife, Margaret Percy, was a direct descendent of King Edward III.


Robert Pattinson



Robert Pattinson may just have been a too-perfect fit to play Edward Cullen. Rob is a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, and he also has connections IRL to Princes William and Harry.


Hugh Grant



Love Actually is basically everyone’s fave holiday movie, and Hugh Grant is basically everyone’s fave Brit. Related to both Henry VII and James IV, King of Scotland, he’s proof that descending from royalty has its perks.


Laura Dern



Laura Dern is an actress, film director, and producer, but she’s royal too. She’s the queen’s 19th cousin thrice removed, which makes her one of the most royal celebrities on our list.


Joseph & Ralph Fiennes



The Fiennes brothers are related to King James II of Scotland.


Sigourney Weaver



Sigourney Weaver is not only renowned for her numerous contributions to science-fiction films, but she is also the 24th cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II.


Katharine Hepburn



The legend herself, Katharine Hepburn is related to none other than King Louis IV of France.


Audrey Hepburn



Both a film and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn was related to the Scottish nobility including King Malcolm III.


Celine Dion



Canadian singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress Celine Dion is related to the King of France Philip II, who reigned from 1179 until 1223.


Clint Eastwood



Believed to belong to the same bloodline as Sigourney Weaver, Clint Eastwood is also related to King Henry I. In addition to his English roots, he also has Irish, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry.


Anthony Perkins



Like Katharine Hepburn, actor Anthony Perkins is also distantly related to King Louis IV.


Elle & Dakota Fanning



Cousins of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning are also related to King Edward III.