30 Times We Desperately Wanted to Be in Taylor Swift’s Squad

by Jessi Wilson

30 Times We Desperately Wanted to Be in Taylor Swift’s Squad

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and her besties created a friendship phenomenon known as #squadgoals. Here are 30 ridiculously amazing Instagram photos that prove the squad is real, and we are dying to be part of it.


Funny Faces



They casually take funny photos before prom the VMAs.


Cell Phone Takeovers



Because how cool would that be to have Cara Delevingne regularly steal your phone to take selfies and cleavage shots?





Swift formed such a close bond with squad member Jaime King that Swift was chosen to be the godmother to one of King’s sons—an honor that, of course, brings countless angelic photo ops.





Squad members get to make appearances at Swift’s sold-out concerts.


Stage Pics



And take super-cute bestie photos like this in front of thousands of screaming fans.


Cake Masterpiece



Friends who bake flag cakes together on the Fourth of July stay together (obviously).


Animal Floats



Every squad member gets his or her choice of a giant swan, flamingo, or unicorn inflatable float.


Double Dates



Squad members love each other so much that they don’t mind fifth-wheeling on double dates.





The squad likes to travel together, because sometimes an ocean apart is just too far.


Baby Shower



They throw epic baby showers (this one was for Jaime King).


Dress Up



Ugh, and they make playing dress-up look totally chic.


Fierce Walk



They look amazing all the time, whether they’re starring in a badass music video or going out for Indian food.


In-N-Out Burger



These besties know the best way to reward one another for a job well done is with FOOD.


Tandem Bikes



No tandem bike is ever big enough for all the squad members.


Photo Booths



Old squad members, new squad members, and boy squad members always seem to get along.


Vogue Photo Shoots



Swift and Karlie Kloss get to do casual bestie photo shoots for Vogue magazine.


Girl Power



The squad members never seem to let competitiveness ruin their friendship, and they support each other no matter what.


Birthday Parties



Once you’re part of the squad, your birthday parties enter a whole new world of cuteness. Right, Camila Cabello?


Inside Jokes



As part of the squad, you get to wear sweatshirts to represent your similar interests and inside jokes.


Boat Rides



Almost every day they look as if they just stepped out of a ’50s movie, even while whale watching. Oh yeah, and you get to go whale watching…


Adventurous Hikes



Hiking, or perhaps exercise in general, is always made fun when doing it with the squad.


Trips to Maui



Jetting off to Maui with your besties is a pretty casual way to get some much-needed girl time.





And girls’ night out always seems to be more fun than any date night ever could be.


Dinner Parties



This squad makes EVERYTHING look fun, even cooking.


Squad Strut



The squad strut seems to be easily inherited by all members.





Swift sums up her squad life by saying it’s like “when you’re making a wish but you already have all you really need standing around you.”


Amazing Birthdays



Swift’s besties make each birthday party—which Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, and Sam Smith attend—better than the last.


Limo Selfies



Car selfies are taken to the next level, because the squad drives around in swanky limos.


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show



Swift gets to support her bestie while Kloss is at work (AKA modeling in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show).


Endless Adventures



With a squad like this, every day seems to be a new, exciting adventure.