35 Celebrities Who Stripped Down for Mario Testino’s Iconic Towel Series

by Faith Brar

35 Celebrities Who Stripped Down for Mario Testino’s Iconic Towel Series

From Princess Diana to Kendall Jenner, Peruvian photographer Mario Testino has snapped a picture of pretty much every notable celebrity in the entertainment and fashion world. Last year, he started a “personal project” where he posted pictures of A-listers wearing nothing but a towel on his Instagram. He named it the “Towel Series” and it has been taking the creative world by storm, with 108 pictures to date. “I think girls and guys feel this freedom at being able to express themselves because there is no predetermined way of how they should put a towel on. You can anything you want…wear it however you want,” Testino said describing his inspiration for the project. Here are 35 of our favorites.


Kate Moss



All good things begin with Kate Moss, right? This picture, the first in the series, happened to be taken just for fun. While getting ready for a shoot, Testino asked Moss if he could take a picture of her (towel on her head and all) just for the heck of it. He posted the picture to Instagram and it was a huge hit.


Kate Upton



Just a day after posting the picture of Kate Moss, Testino also asked model Kate Upton if he could take another behind-the-scenes shot of her in a towel. She agreed and obviously looks effortlessly flawless. Like how?


Miley Cyrus



You can always count on Miley Cyrus to free the nipple. As the tenth person to be featured in the series, Cyrus looked stunning as she posed boldly for this iconic shot.


Miranda Kerr



Kerr joined the private club with this extremely sexy shot of her barely holding a towel against her body. Damn, Miranda!


Gaspard Ulliel



The famous French actor and model is popular for his role as Hannibal Lector in Hannibal Rising, and for being the face of Chanel’s fragrance Blue de Chanel. It was also rumored that he might play Edward Cullen in the infamous Twilight series, though we are team Robert Pattinson all the way. It is no wonder that Testino couldn’t wait to get a behind the scenes shot of this hottie. I mean look at him.


Cara Delevigne



The British supermodel gave the fresh-out-of-the-shower look a whole new meaning with this dramatic shot. Seriously though, that hand placement is EVERYTHING.


Joan Smalls



As one of Testino’s favorite models to work with, Joan Smalls has actually been featured in the Towel Series twice. “Joan is part of that InstaGirl generation, whose loyal following has grown from Instagram,” Testino tells Glamour. “We also have a great laugh when we work together, sharing inside jokes in our mother tongue, Spanish.”


Gisele Bündchen



The iconic former Victoria’s Secret Angel is Testino’s muse. The pair have worked together innumerable times. “After so many years of working together, we have grown close, like family,” Testino told Glamour, while speaking of the supermodel. “Gisele is a dream to work with, always eager to get the best picture.”


Irina Shayk



Bradley Cooper is gorgeous, but his stunning girlfriend definitely takes the cake. The Russian supermodel struck quite the fierce pose in Testino’s 22nd Towel Series feature.


Cristiano Ronaldo



We never have a problem when Cristiano Ronaldo starts shedding his clothes. And Testino captures the infamous soccer player in all his glory. I mean look at those abs.


Karlie Kloss



One of America’s top models and coding queen, Karlie Kloss delivered one of her natural smirks in this glamorous black and white shot.


Keira Knightley



After shooting her cover photo for Glamour UK’s November 2014 issue, Testino convinced the stunning British actress to pose for the Towel Series. She looks impeccable, sexily revealing her back in a loosely-held white towel.


Naomi Campbell



Naomi Campbell is no stranger to the camera. Testina captured this gorgeous image of the super model wearing a revealing robe and a towel wrapped around her head for his 54th feature.


Suki Waterhouse



The model flaunted some skin for Testino and posed topless save for her arms—well-placed for some modesty in the black and white image.


Jordan Dunn



The Burberry model looked #flawless for her closeup in Testino’s 58th Towel Series.


Sienna Miller



Testino wished the British actress a happy birthday by sharing this black and white image on his Instagram as the 59th feature in the Towel Series. And who could get enough of that fun, playful smile?


Kendall Jenner



The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took the spotlight in the 62nd feature of the Towel Series. She looks drop dead gorgeous with a white towel wrapped around her hair and a white robe barely clinging on to her shoulders.


Michiel Huisman



We all know him as Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones, and it makes sense why Testino chose to feature the Dutch actor in full color… So many muscles! Khaleesi is one lucky lady.


Lily Aldridge



Like several of her other Victoria’s Secret angel friends, Lily Aldridge bared it all for the 66th issue of the Towel Series.


Ansel Elgort



The Insurgent actor was featured in Vogue’s infamous Hollywoods’ New Brat Pack issue, along with Justin Beiber, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. While on set the shoot, Testino got up close and personal with the 22-year-old actor to get this dramatic shot.


Justin Beiber



We’ve seen countless shirtless photos of Justin Beiber, but this one tops them all. Beiber poses fiercely, flaunting his ripped body in yet another black and white shot for Testino to add to his growing collection.


Blake Lively



While on set of a photo shoot for Allure Magazine, Testino took this glamorous black and white shot of the Gossip Girl alum, looking breathtaking as ever with a white towel wrapped around her head.


Selena Gomez



Somehow, even in terrycloth, Selena Gomez manages to look breathtaking.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley



The Victoria’s Secret model showed off her impressive figure with nothing but a bathrobe around her waist.


Amanda Seyfried



The Mean Girls star posed completely nude for the 77th installment of the Towel Series, stunning fans all over the world. Somehow, the actress still manages to hold onto her modesty, looking as gorgeous as ever.


Anna Wintour



The Vogue editor-in-chief joined the fresh-faced towel clad club when Testino convinced her to take this shot before she left her hotel to go to the infamous Met Gala. Talk about being relentless.


Emily Ratajkowski



The California It Girl hardly conceals herself with two towels in the 84th installment of the series.


Odell Beckham Jr.



The New York Giants wide receiver went nude for ESPN’s 2015 Body Issue, shot by Testino. The photographer convinced the athlete to also take this sexy black and white portrait to add to his iconic collection.


Alex Pettyfer



The I Am Number Four star is definitely easy on the eyes. Testino captured this sexy picture of the 25-year-old actor while he was in New York visiting his girlfriend.


Gigi Hadid



Nothing high fashion is complete without throwing Gigi Hadid into the mix. The talented 20-year-old surprisingly covered up for the black and white shot, but looks amazing regardless. She was also featured in the series another time with ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson.


Kristen Stewart



The 25-year-old Twilight star recently posed for Testino with nothing but a towel draped over her body.





To mark the 100th installment of his black and white series, Testino decided to photograph Ben Stiller in-character as male model Derek Zoolander. The sequal to the hilarious Zoolander movie comes out February 12, 2016.


Cindy Crawford



One of the original Victoria’s Secret models, Cindy Crawford stripped down for this stunning black and white shot that Testino took for her 50th birthday. Half a century never looked so good.


Britney Spears



The pop queen stripped down for V Magazine‘s 100th issue in a recent three-spread cover shoot, shot by Testino. The photographer managed to capture this shot of her giving us some major cheek bone action.


Bella Thorne



The 18-year-old actress and singer has accomplished a lot at a young age. Most famous for her role in The Duff, the teen star is one of the latest additions to Testino’s infamous collection.