40 Celebrities We Want to Meet Under the Mistletoe This Year

by Rachel Weeks

40 Celebrities We Want to Meet Under the Mistletoe This Year

Whether you’re single or taken this year, imagining the perfect holiday kiss is an inevitable part of the end of the year. We all daydream about bumping into a special someone under the mistletoe, might as well make it a celebrity. These are the 40 celebs we’ll be dreaming about smooching.


Tom Hiddleston



Hiddleswift is no more, which means Tom Hiddleston, 35, is back on the market—just in time for the holidays. We certainly wouldn’t complain about bumping into this English actor under the mistletoe.


Luke Evans



Beauty and the Beast star Luke Evans is one of the hottest celebrities on the market and a perfect candidate for a Christmas smooch. He’s fresh off his role as the hunky hunter Gaston; plus, he’s totally single this year!


Benedict Cumberbatch



Benedict Cumberbatch’s English charm may be considered an acquired taste, but fans of the 40-year-old actor are seriously into him. While the Doctor Strange star is married to actress Sophie Turner, it certainly doesn’t hurt to imagine a quick holiday peck!


Calvin Harris



DJ Calvin Harris probably isn’t looking for anything serious after his break-up with Taylor Swift, but it’s possible that he’d consider a quick rebound kiss under the mistletoe. The 32-year-old is single, after all.


Ellen Page



Don’t let Ellen Page’s artist girlfriend Samantha Taylor get in the way of your holiday fantasy! The 29-year-old actress is a great option for an under-the-mistletoe makeout sesh.


Idris Elba



We wouldn’t mind running into 44-year-old actor Idris Elba under the mistletoe. His British accent is as swoon-worthy as they come, and he’s single this holiday season.


James McAvoy



Actor James McAvoy will probably be cuddling up with girlfriend Lisa Liberati this Christmas, but a girl can still dream! We’d love to meet this Scottish charmer under the mistletoe.


Portia de Rossi



Of course, Portia DeRossi is married to lesbian icon Ellen DeGeneres, but Christmas miracles do happen! If this Australian actress is the sugar plum fairy dancing in your head, go ahead and dream away.


Chris Hemsworth



Who wouldn’t want a smooch under the mistletoe with Thor? Chris Hemsworth is happily married to Elsa Pataky, but the 33-year-old actor will be on all of our minds this holiday season.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson



Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson is in a decade-long relationship with girlfriend Lauren Hashian and seems entirely smitten. But we’ll still be imagining him under the mistletoe with us. Come on; he’s going to be in the Baywatch remake!


Chris Evans



Sure, we’re rooting for Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s relationship, too, but who can resist those all-American good looks? We’d love to share a kiss with Captain America this year.


Jamie Dornan



Sorry, ladies. Irish actor Jamie Dornan is also in a relationship. We’re sure he and English actress Amelia Warner are very happy, but we’ll still be hovering around the mistletoe hoping for a peck from the Fifty Shades of Grey star.


Charlie Hunnam



All we want for Christmas is a kiss with British dreamboat Charlie Hunnam. Too bad the Sons of Anarchy actor is in a long-term relationship with jewelry designer Morgana McNelis.


David Beckham



Okay. We can’t be the only ones hoping for a peck from Becks. The 41-year-old soccer star is happily married to ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, but he’s still high on our Celebrities to Smooch list.


Chris Pratt



Nobody wants to break up super-couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris—they’re son is actually the cutest—but can we at least get a Christmas bear hug from the Guardians of the Galaxy star?


Janelle Monáe



American musician Janelle Monáe’s relationship status isn’t entirely clear, which is perfect for imagining a romantic holiday kiss under the mistletoe.


Liam Hemsworth



If you’re hoping to catch a kiss with 26-year-old Liam Hemsworth, you better hope his on-again-off-again engagement with Miley Cyrus is closer to off-again. Here’s to dreaming!


Colton Haynes



28-year-old Colton Haynes is single and ready to jingle this holiday season. It’s really not fair how attractive the Teen Wolf star is. We’d love to catch him hanging out under the mistletoe.


Nicholas Hoult



English actor Nicholas Hoult keeps his personal life pretty quiet, but we still loved his extensive relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. Now that he’s single, however, we’d love to steal a kiss from the 26-year-old Brit.


Zac Efron



From High School Musical to Neighbors, Zac Efron has always been an enviable Hollywood hunk. Luckily for us, the 29-year-old is spending the holidays as a very eligible bachelor. Think he has a date for New Year’s Eve?


Oliver Jackson-Cohen



British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen is as handsome as they come. Too bad The Raven star already has a holiday hottie in actress Jessica De Gouw.


Steven Yeun



We already miss Steven Yeun’s handsome mug on The Walking Dead, so a cozy Christmas cuddle would be just what the doctor ordered. Sure, the 32-year-old is married to photographer Joana Pak, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.


Michael B. Jordan



American Actor Michael B. Jordan’s career is only going up in the next few years, and with those good looks we can certainly see why. Best of all, the 29-year-old Fantastic Four star is reportedly single this holiday season.


Henry Cavill



Only Superman himself is as good-looking as British actor Henry Cavill, and that’s because Cavill is Superman. We’d definitely love to bump into this muscly 33-year-old under the mistletoe.


Anna Paquin



Known for her adorable marriage to True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin won’t be available for smooching this year, but it’s still fun to imagine. The bisexual actress would make a great date to any holiday party.


Ryan Gosling



Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes make a perfect match, but no Hollywood hotties list would be complete without The Notebook actor. I think a lot of ladies will be imagining Ryan Gosling under the mistletoe this year.


Eddie Redmayne



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them‘s Eddie Redmayne has been married to British publicist Hannah Bagshawe for a year, but the charming 34-year-old actor is still high on our Christmas must-kiss list.





Drake can call us on our cell phones any time, especially because he’s single this year. The 30-year-old Canadian singer is absolutely daydream-worthy.


Kit Harington



Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington is dating his on-screen partner Rose Leslie and we absolutely love them together. But we’d still lean in for a kiss if we ever got to share a moment over some egg nog.


Tom Hardy



English actor Tom Hardy has been with wife Charlotte Riley for seven years, but the smokin’ hot Mad Max star will definitely make an appearance in our holiday fantasies, mistletoe or no.


Sam Claflin



Anyone who saw Me Before You fell hard for English actor Sam Claflin. The 30-year-old may be married to actress Laura Haddock but we’ll certainly be daydreaming about him around the mistletoe.


Ruby Rose



Even the straightest Orange is the New Black fan questioned their sexuality when Ruby Rose was on-screen. The 30-year-old Australian model and Justin Bieber look-a-like has us pining for a holiday makeout sesh.


Alexander Skarsgard



We haven’t gotten over Alexander Skarsgard’s steamy performance in True Blood and would happily mingle with him under the mistletoe. He’ll probably be locking lips with girlfriend Alexa Chung this year, but we can still imagine!


Ashley Graham



We’d be happy to take our girl crushes on Ashley Graham to the next level this holiday season. The plus-size model may be married but we’d still be down for a little girl-on-girl under the mistletoe.


Miles Teller



Despite a notably pompous interview with Esquire, we’d still love a quick Christmas moment with Miles Teller. We can look past a little over-confidence if the 29-year-old is a good kisser.


Ryan Reynolds



Okay, so we probably can’t compete with Ryan Reynolds lovely wife Blake Lively, but a girl can dream! We’d settle for a Ryan Reynolds look-alike if that’s possible.


Paul Rudd



47-year-old Paul Rudd has been with his adorable wife for nearly two decades, but what can we say? We love funny guys! We’d love to catch the Ant-Man star under the mistletoe this year.


A$AP Rocky



If funnyman Paul Rudd isn’t exactly your type, maybe A$AP Rocky is more your speed. The 28-year-old rapper is on the rise and he’s totally single this season, unless though Kendall Jenner rumors turn out to be true.


Justin Timberlake



How has Justin Timberlake been one of our main crushes for so long? Since we were kids, we’ve been dying to catch a peck from JT and this year is no different. Step aside, Jessica Biel, we just want to borrow him.


Michael Fassbender



Whether he’s playing Macbeth, Steve Jobs, or Magneto, Michael Fassbender is a leading man on screen and in our hearts. Of course, he’s been dating actress Alicia Vikander for two years, but it can’t hurt to daydream!