The 5 Hottest Celebs Who Once Wanted to Be Priests or Nuns

by Jennifer Lafferty

The 5 Hottest Celebs Who Once Wanted to Be Priests or Nuns

We know not every sexy celebrity started out that way or even grew up wanting to be in show business, but finding out that some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood once considered becoming priests or nuns is a little shocking.

It’s strange to reflect on what might have been when we see these entertainers cursing or doing nude scenes in films. From Tom Cruise to Eva Mendes, here are the most famous celebs who once wanted to be priests or nuns.

Tom Cruise

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1. Tom Cruise
He’s almost as well known for being a Scientologist as he is a movie star, but Tom Cruise seriously considered entering priesthood in his youth. He even went as far as enrolling at the Saint Francis Seminary school in Ohio.

Anne Hathaway

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2. Anne Hathaway
Like many celebs, Anne Hathaway considered a lot of different occupations when she was growing up, and being a nun was one of them. She said: “I actually wanted to be an actress before I wanted to be a nun.” Hathaway eventually left the Catholic church, which had to do with her brother being gay.

Jack White

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3. Jack White
Singer, songwriter, and musician Jack White thought he might have had a calling to be a priest when he was 14 years old. In an interview with BBC, he explained: “Blues singers and people who are singing on stage have the same feelings and emotions that someone who is called to be a priest might have.”

Anjelica Huston

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4. Anjelica Huston
Even though her father was an atheist, actress and former model Anjelica Huston once aspired to be a nun. Huston describes her childhood enthusiasm for a life in the church saying: “I longed to be indoctrinated. I’d put my mother’s old tutus on my head and pretend I was at my First Communion. When I was six, I told my father I wanted to be a nun and he said: ‘That’s wonderful, honey. When are you going to start?'”

Eva Mendes

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5. Eva Mendes
One of the things she’s most famous for these days is her sex appeal, but there was a time when actress Eva Mendes thought about becoming a nun. Apparently, the vow of poverty was a little too much for Mendes, who was dissuaded when she learned nuns don’t earn any money.