5 Reasons We Love and Look Up to Miley Cyrus

by Megan Wells

5 Reasons We Love and Look Up to Miley Cyrus





Everyone goes through life changes; it’s just natural. But most of us are lucky enough to grow up in privacy. Miley Cyrus spent her formative years being put through the media ringer, all while trying to come into her own, but she didn’t let that break her. And we absolutely love her for it.


As we all know, Miley Cyrus started her career as Hannah Montana, an all-American Disney Channel sweetheart, and progressed into a rebel soul with an I-don’t-give-a-f—k attitude. These changes, while perhaps different from the ones you or I went through, are still a part of the coming-of-age process. Her journey just happened in front of the entire world. She’s endured all the ups and downs that we all go through along with a media storm of both love and scrutiny. And today, Miley is a charitable, outspoken superstar who is struggling to shake a bad reputation that she doesn’t deserve. She’s not perfect, but nobody is.


Miley, we just want you to know that we stand by you and love you, and this is exactly why:


1. Her scandals aren’t really that scandalous.
f the worst Miley has done is dancing provocatively, breaking up with her boyfriend, and smoking pot, I’d say she’s pretty much like any typical teenager. The only difference is that she lives under a microscope that amplifies her actions. We’ve all made adolescent mistakes; we’re just lucky that the world doesn’t care about ours.


2. She’s a true nonconformist.
After the aforementioned “twerking fiasco,” Miley Cyrus overcame bad publicity in her own way. She wasn’t fake and apologetic; she continued doing her thing. She didn’t say she was sorry for being who she was, which really helped turn her image around. Her devil-may-care attitude is something we should all strive to replicate.


3. She hasn’t gone down a dark path.
Although Miley was born famous (admit it, you used to love Billy Ray), her life hasn’t really taken a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears turn. We haven’t seen paparazzi photos of her blacked out and coked up on the reg. She’s a productive human even when the world doesn’t want her to be. She’s still doing stuff, and pretty good stuff at that.


4. She loves and engages with her fans.
Miley has a refreshing way with her fans. Before hosting the 2015 VMAs, Miley and MTV encouraged fans to create their own advertisements using pictures of her posing in fun ways. People really got excited about it, and it made viewers feel as if they were a part of her image.


5. She is outspoken and charitable.
While at-risk youth and LGBTQ issues are close to her heart, Miley has worked with a number of charities, and she started at an early age. She has supported organizations ranging from the Red Cross to Get Ur Good On to The Trevor Project and even founded her own organization called The Happy Hippie Foundation that fights injustices facing vulnerable populations of young people.


Miley, thank you for reminding us that even the most outrageous celebrities are still real people. To quote Bill Nye the Science Guy: “We all are of the same stardust.”