8 Celebrities Share Their Craziest Audition Stories

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 Celebrities Share Their Craziest Audition Stories

These eight celebrities had some genuinely wacky auditions on the road to stardom. From shocking to hilarious, they all make great stories.


Most actors go on countless auditions before they achieve any real success, and even the biggest celebrities around usually have some truly embarrassing audition stories to share from their days as struggling hopefuls. A lot of these memories involve humorous misunderstandings, overzealous behavior or a downright humiliating experience; but they are all among the wackiest auditions we’ve ever heard.


Drew Barrymore: Looking back on one bizarre audition, Barrymore remembers thinking: “This is a low point,” when she found herself in a basement with a casting assistant doing a scene which required her to act out an erotic encounter on her own, tellingThe Sun: “I have to do this oral thing with this guy’s hand, and no one was there so I had to do it to myself. It was by far the most humiliating experience.”


Damon Wayans Jr.: It goes without saying that auditioning while hung over is a bad idea and Wayans’ memory of trying out for a role after a night of partying illustrates why this should be avoided: “I fell into the blue curtain. I said, ‘Guys this room is crazy. What is this, a moving room?’ I tried to play it off like it was their fault.”


Felicity Huffman: The American Crime star remembers a “terrible” audition she once did for an ingenue role. The reading may have been flat but thanks to all the toilet tissue she stuffed in her bra, Huffman’s chest was not. While reaching down to pick up her bag, the actress was further humiliated when the toilet paper popped out of her dress. She told Hollywood.com “…I had to pick up my ego and my toilet paper and walk out of the room.”


Dakota Johnson: You might think celebrities would be self-conscious about taking their clothes off during an audition but Dakota Johnson got so into character while auditioning for one unnamed project, she impulsively removed her top without being asked. Johnson confessed to The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s still embarrassing, and I’m more embarrassed that I just told that story.”


Shia LaBeouf: Considering LaBeouf’s outrageous reputation, it’s hard to know when to take him seriously, but journalists assumed the actor was joking when he described how he auditioned for the 2013 drama Nymphomaniac, saying he sent the writer/director Lars von Trier “…videotapes of me and my girlfriend having sex and that’s how I got the job.”


Lea Michele: She was probably too shaken up after just totaling her car to be nervous about her audition for Glee. According to E News the actress remembers: “I got into a massive car crash outside of the Fox lot…” But Michele proved to be a real trooper. She managed to make it to the audition later that day, and as she was picking glass out of her hair, assured everyone she was fine.


Emilia Clarke: It sounds like Clarke was more than a little eager to win what turned out to be the career making role of Daenerys Targaryen in TV’s Game of Thrones. The British actress offered to prepare tea for the execs and then: “[Co-creator and showrunner] David Benioff suggested I do a dance…and so I did,” Clarke admitted. “I don’t know how to do it, but I did the funky chicken. And I kind of morphed into the robot.”


Riz Ahmed: Another actor who went all out for a role was Riz Ahmed, who plays Bodhi Rook in Rogue One. Director Gareth Edwards may have regretted giving Ahmed his personal email address while they were waiting for the brass to decide if he would be cast in the film. Ahmed started spamming Edwards with audition tapes in the interim. “I started getting into costumes and doing weird accents,” Ahmed said. According to Vanity Fair, when the director finally contacted him, he thought it was about a restraining order.