8 Celebs Who Still Lived With Their Parents After They Were Grown-Ass Adults

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 Celebs Who Still Lived With Their Parents After They Were Grown-Ass Adults

You’re not the only one who hasn’t moved out of Mom and Dad’s basement yet. Lots of celebrities haven’t left the nest either! From Demi Lovato to Bradley Cooper, find out which adult stars live (or lived) with their parents and why.
Whether it’s because of financial problems or other issues, it’s not uncommon for adults to move back in with their parents, especially right after college. But why would an Oscar-winner and multi-millionaire like Jennifer Lawrence choose to? As it turns out, she lived with Mom and Dad for a lot of the same reasons that anyone would.


Here are eight stars whose family life is extremely close to home.


Demi Lovato


1. Demi Lovato
There are many different reasons why an adult celebrity might choose to live with their parents, and Demi Lovato had a lot of them. Considering the 21-year-old singer and actress’s struggles with mental health and addiction, it isn’t all that surprising that Lovato lived at home for a time in 2014. Understandably, she decided she needed a stable environment to help get her back on her feet.


Taylor Lautner


2. Taylor Lautner
You might expect a popular, young hunk like Taylor Lautner to embrace the unencumbered bachelor lifestyle, but back in 2011, the 19-year-old Twilight star still lived in his childhood home. He told Total Film Magazine, “My family and friends keep me grounded.” But, a year later, Lautner seemed to have a change of heart, explaining to Jimmy Kimmel that he was looking for a place of his own.


Bradley Cooper


3. Bradley Cooper
After the devastating loss of his father in 2011, Bradley Cooper invited his mother, Gloria, to move in with him. The death fell especially hard on the close-knit family, but it seemed sharing a home with his mom suited the actor, who told Details Magazine in 2013 that she was a “cool chick.” Gorgeous, charming, talented, and good to his motherwhat more could you ask for?


Jennifer Lawrence


4. Jennifer Lawrence
Cohabiting with your parents as an adult is one more thing Jennifer Lawrence has in common with her frequent co-star Bradley Cooper. It’s tempting to imagine the two celebs bonding over their similar living arrangements. Lawrence told Elle in 2012, she thought it would be “very bizarre” to live in a mansion alone, so she opted to stay at her parents’ condo.


Dev Patel


5. Dev Patel
Back when his movie career was just starting to take off, Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel didn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave the nest, which makes sense. But four years later, the 22-year-old star told London’s Evening Standard he was finally ready to go. “It’s nice living at home, but I’m definitely ready to move out. If you found my house on Google Maps and it had a volume button you would hear my crazy family screaming.” As of 2013, he was still reportedly with his family.


Selena Gomez


6. Selena Gomez
Back in 2013, the 21-year-old Gomez was still living with her mother and stepfather, who were also her managers. But, the pop star/actress admitted to Ryan Seacrest that although she loved being with her family, “I think it’s probably time for me to get my own house.” By 2014, she’d fired her parents and reportedly kicked them out of her home.


Rafael Nadal


7. Rafael Nadal
Family is very important to 30-year-old tennis star Rafael Nadal. Just last year, he told La Nacion that he was sure he would have a family of his own one day and hoped for several children, but for now his hands seem full with his current family. As recently as 2015, Nadal’s entire family—including his father, stepmother, siblings, grandfather, and many others—lived in a one-block compound in Manacor, Spain.


Kristin Stewart


8. Kristen Stewart
We all remember when Stewart and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson shared a palatial love nest a few years ago. But after their messy break-up, the actress, in her early twenties at the time, moved back in with her now-separated parents. More recently Stewart is said to live with her girlfriend, Alicia Cargile.