8 Reasons Nicole Kidman Is a Timeless Star

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 Reasons Nicole Kidman Is a Timeless Star

Nicole Kidman is a timeless star, reminiscent of classic icons from Hollywood’s golden age. From her classic beauty to her stellar acting chops, here are eight reasons we love Nicole.


The beautiful, award-winning Australian actress has been mesmerizing audiences for more than 20 years, impressing us with her performances in a wide range of films including drama, comedy, and musicals, but what is it that makes her so special? As with a lot of great stars, her allure is a combination of many things.


Nicole Kidman


Elegance: Hollywood was once full of elegant celebrities like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn, but today this breed of polished and classy entertainers has almost disappeared. Nicole Kidman’s natural elegance, grace, and sophisticated style sets her apart from the crowd and evokes classic movie star glamour.


Talent: Much more than just a pretty face, Kidman is a genuinely talented actress who takes her career seriously. Not only does she impress moviegoers with powerful and convincing performances, but she has won numerous awards—including an Oscar for her portrayal of author Virginia Woolf in the 2002 drama The Hours.


Versatility: Nicole Kidman is one of the few actresses who could successfully run the gamut with comedy, period drama, thrillers, fantasy, and musicals. Seeing her transform into a wide range of different characters from dancer/prostitute Satine in Moulin Rouge! to deeply troubled Grace Stewart in The Others, audiences have always marveled at her versatility.


Nicole Kidman Classic Beauty


Classic Beauty: There’s no shortage of beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but with her flawless skin, feminine features, swanlike figure, and refusal to drastically alter her look based on fads, Kidman has a classic beauty that will continue to resonate with future generations of movie fans.


Involvement in High Quality Projects: Nicole Kidman generally chooses films that are considered high-quality, like the acclaimed 2007 fantasy adventure The Golden Compass or the 1999 mystery thriller Eyes Wide Shut from legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Her habit of choosing projects with artistic merit means that her movies are more likely to stand the test of time.


nicole kidman and keith urban


Intriguing Personal Life: Sometimes actors are remembered as much for their fascinating personal lives as their work. Kidman’s 10-year marriage to Tom Cruise generated plenty of publicity, especially when it unexpectedly ended. She also had high-profile boyfriends, including Lenny Kravitz—and reportedly Jude Law—before she married country music star Keith Urban in 2006.


Reputation as a Fashion Icon: In addition to having glamorous clothing and an amazing sense of style, Kidman is hailed as a fashion icon for her fearless risk-taking on the red carpet. Even her most daring ensembles are always within the realm of good taste. Like any true fashion icon, she is good at expressing herself through her own personal style. Her wardrobe is a clear reflection of her.


Individuality: Nicole Kidman has always radiated a strong sense of self on-screen, which is also obvious from many of the decisions she’s made in her career. With her powerful combination of strength, intelligence, sensitivity, and charisma, Kidman’s individuality is a big part of her appeal.