9 Failed Celeb Music Careers That Will Make You Cringe

by Alyssa K. Priebe

9 Failed Celeb Music Careers That Will Make You Cringe

Celebrities often dabble in a side project or two. Talk show hosts become entrepreneurs, singers become models, but when actors try to become singers—well, things can get ugly. These failed celebrity music careers prove it.

Paris Hilton

Yup, one of the most popular failed music careers goes to this socialite right here. We aren’t sure if we can even call this singing with its insane amount of auto-tune, but there’s no denying her album, Paris, was meant to start a promising career in 2006. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), it was a big flop. To this day we haven’t recovered from “Stars are Blind” or the music video, which was basically a sequel to her sex tape. *shudders*


Kim Kardashian
Considering the woman broke the Internet with her booty and is known for naked selfies, it comes as no surprise that her 2011 release, “Jam”, has a music video focused more on her body than the actual song. According to an article on the Huffington Post, Kim said she regretted recording it and never plans to make another. “What gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I don’t have a good voice,” she said. No arguments here.



David Hasselhoff
Okay, so the Hoff has actually released 18 studio albums (how does that even happen?) and is apparently huge in Germany. But here in the States? Well, I think his music career pretty much floundered. Nobody wants to jump in your car, sir.


Kobe Bryant
Why this NBA star ever thought it was a good idea to rap is beyond us. We’re also perplexed that Tyra Banks, who is pretty much an expert at discovering talent, ever thought he had any credibility as a musician. His single “K.O.B.E.” performed so badly that his album was dropped. Fortunately, he had that whole professional athlete thing to fall back on.



Tyra Banks
From her empowering talk show to her successful modeling career, Tyra has proven she’s a pop culture phenomenon. But there is one thing this entrepreneur can’t do, and that’s launch a singing career. She released “Shake Ya Body” in 2004, and the single totally flopped. But like the diva she is, Tyra owned her shortcoming during an interview with Watch What Happens Live, saying “you may have a dream, you may have something that burns inside of your heart and desire—but if you do not have the talent for it, boo, let it go.” Thankfully, that’s exactly what she did.


Jennifer Love Hewitt
She’s a great actress, but her musical prowess is shaky at best. We definitely didn’t know she has not one, not two, but FOUR albums to her name. Probably because after the first two albums failed in the U.S. her record label dropped her. Ouch. Her final album, How Do I Deal, may have been her coming to terms with the end of a career that never really started. Considering this was in 1999, and she hasn’t released another, we think she got the hint.



Russel Crowe
Before acting, Crowe attempted to launch a music career in New Zealand. He performed under the name Russ le Roq and formed the band Roman Antix. Although he tried, Crowe’s career fell flat. However, he found he can combine acting and singing through his lead role in Les Miserables. Let’s hope he sticks to musicals instead of attempting another singing career…



Scarlett Johannson
Scarlett Johannson has definitely wowed us with her singing chops, but her album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, left us disappointed in 2008. Turns out she’s better at singing for films than attempting a full-blown music career. Sorry Scar Jo, we still love you though.



Lindsay Lohan
There are so many things this star should be embarrassed about, from her poor attitude to her drug addiction, but when it comes to her singing career—well actually she should be embarrassed about that, too. She had one hit album, Speak which included popular songs like “Rumors” and “Over”. We aren’t sure if it’s because fans didn’t like seeing Lindsay as an Avril Lavigne wannabe or if it was because she started her downward spiral around the same time, but after a few years, her career was a lot like her second single—over.