Adele’s Priceless Reaction to This Fan Will Make You Love Her Even More

by Chad Taylor

Adele’s Priceless Reaction to This Fan Will Make You Love Her Even More

Adele invited a fan onstage for a quick song, but she could’ve never guessed that the girl from the audience was a fellow Grammy nominee.


10-time Grammy Award winner and noted amazing human being Adele has long had a delightful habit of inviting fans on stage with her during her live shows. The impromptu moments are always a lot of fun to watch happen, and usually pretty heartwarming. But during a recent show in L.A., Adele met a young woman who brought a little more to the table than the average fan.


That’s because 24 year old Jamie-Grace Harper is a singer-songwriter herself, and had even been nominated for a Grammy of her own in 2012, for “Hold Me,” a song she performed with Toby Mac. Harper would go on to be nominated for four Dove Awards that year as well, taking home the award for New Artist of the Year. To say she was ready to sing for Adele might be an understatement, an observation perfectly noted by her friend in the audience overheard in the video yelling “you got this girl!” as Harper first takes the mic. Harper proceeded to give the audience a few bars of Adele’s own “Remedy,” getting loud cheers from the crowd and a stunned look from Adele.


“Sing some more. Sing whatever you want,” Adele said after hearing Harper’s voice. The Georgia native obliged with a bit of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Again, the crowd went crazy for Harper while Adele looked around the arena in amazement. For her part, Harper was clearly humbled to be on the stage, dropping to one knee after singing “Remedy,” and hugging the 25 singer a couple of times. She later posted video of the moment on Facebook and Instagram, saying “I don’t even have the words to say! Thank you Adele. What a spiffy little evenin.”