All We Want For Christmas Is A Joint Album Between Beyoncé And Jay Z

by admin

All We Want For Christmas Is A Joint Album Between Beyoncé And Jay Z

Rumor has it a joint album by the power couple could be released as early as December 2016, and we're more than excited about it.

It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year, especially if Beyoncé has anything to do with it.

While the holiday season is always highly anticipated, this year the stakes could be even higher — think 'Beyoncé's-35th-birthday-party'-big — as the possibility of a secret joint album between Beyoncé and Jay Z teases a release over the upcoming winter months.

The Beyhive (Beyoncé's scary-knowledgeable fans' self-declared name) has confirmed via the Twitter-sphere that there will be an album that is promised to drop no earlier than December of this year.

The original rumors that a secret album was complete began in February of this year, but neither Bey nor her hubby has confirmed (nor denied!) the partnership. This possible-album discussion comes amid the talk of marriage troubles between the artists after fans went crazy debating whether or not Jay Z cheated on Bey following the release of her award-winning "Lemonade" album earlier this year.

While we're crossing our fingers for a holiday album (and would probably end up listening to it on repeat through next December), we have a feeling that no matter which month the couple decides to release this assumed-to-be-legendary set of tracks, it will most certainly be, like everything else Beyoncé has her hands on, flawless.