Amy Schumer Sheds Light on Sizeism in Hilarious New Clip

by Alyssa K. Priebe

Amy Schumer Sheds Light on Sizeism in Hilarious New Clip

It’s no secret Amy Schumer uses her show, Inside Amy Schumer, to shed light on struggles women face. And in this hilarious clip, she takes on sizeism.





The clip, called “Size 12” starts with Amy walking into a store and trying to find a larger size in a top. A sales clerk walks over to help her out, but her words are crass and judgmental.


“Have you checked under the table?” she asks, before wishing Schumer “Good luck” when she bends down.


But under the table seems like another dead end, and Schumer finds much smaller sizes (seriously, like something that’d fit an American Girl Doll). The sales clerk then offers to help her find something else like jewelry. Frustrated, Schumer says no and asks for the shirt in a size 12.


“Like a UK 12 which is like a US 8? Or a Japenese 12 which is an American-toddler three?”


“No like an American 12,” Schumer fires back.


It gets weird when Schumer is transported to a grassy field where she runs into Lena Dunham and a cow, who are both there “shopping.” The sales woman offers Schumer a blue tarp, which gets Dunham’s seal of approval (of course). The clip ends when Schumer checks out and recieves a free pretzel from the sales associate, who assumed she was going to the pretzel shop next anyway.


The clip is hilarious and also a little embarrassing in its familiarity. Sure, no sales lady is taking us outback with the cows, but feeling judged after asking for a bigger size is a struggle many women know too well. And it needs to stop. We should follow celebrity role models like Schumer, who slammed Glamour after featuring her in an exclusive plus size issue and Ashley Graham, who encourages positivity, instead of feeling ashamed by our size.


As always, Schumer says exactly what we were thinking. So thanks, Amy, we’ll go eat our pretzels with pride now!