Amy Schumer’s Response to a Sexist Heckler Is Nothing Short of Perfect

by admin

Amy Schumer’s Response to a Sexist Heckler Is Nothing Short of Perfect

Amy Schumer was harassed during a stand-up show in Sweden, and the way she shuts down the perpetrator is perfect.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: We love Amy Schumer.

And her hilarious confrontation of a sexist heckler at a show in Sweden Wednesday, a video that we could easily watch on repeat for the rest of the day, has only made us love her more.

Two minutes into the comedian's act, a Swedish man felt the (obviously uncontrollable) urge to yell, "Show us your tits!"

Without missing a beat, Schumer called out the man (who was appropriately decked out in an "I love pussies," shirt) with the perfect amount of sass, sending a warning that if he interrupted her show again he would not be staying in the audience.

"You're gonna be yelling out, 'Show us your tits,' to people in the parking lot, 'cause you're gonna get thrown out, motherf*cker," responded the Trainwreck star. "I'll show my tits when I want to."

Considering he is obviously someone who thinks it's acceptable to casually shout out derogatory comments in the first place, of course the harasser couldn't keep his mouth shut.

And staying true to her word, Schumer had him removed.

"We're going to miss you so much," she patronized. "I already miss you."

Even the audience got in on the action when Schumer told anyone who thought he should be kicked out to clap. Much to our delight, the building burst into applause.

We're bummed that we couldn't be there to chime in at the Queen of Confrontation's badass stance against her harasser. However, in a world of people who continue to think that these kinds of demeaning behaviors are even semi-appropriate to use in reference to another human being — Amy Schumer, we're definitely clapping, too.