Anti-Showbiz: Stars Who Ditched the Hollywood Scene

by Jennifer Lafferty

Anti-Showbiz: Stars Who Ditched the Hollywood Scene

It may seem like all celebrities relish the Hollywood party scene, but many stars prefer the quiet life, spending time at home or living far away from the entertainment industry. In addition to older entertainers, a surprising number of hot young celebs like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively also steer clear of life in the fast lane. Check out these stars who have ditched the Hollywood scene.


Mila Kunis



Since the birth of their first child, Wyatt, in 2014, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have settled into domestic bliss. The hands-on parents are involved in their community, and Kunis is a proud stay-at-home mom.


Kevin Spacey



In 2013, after a decade as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre Company, Kevin Spacey considered London to be his home and said the city had given him a whole new perspective on the world.


Kristen Bell



Kristen Bell, who’s married to fellow actor Dax Shepard and has two small children, says she prefers going to bed early. The couple’s idea of an exciting evening is cooking dinner for friends and playing board games.


Charlize Theron



The glamorous Charlize Theron seems to enjoy the simple things in life. She likes to have small barbecues for friends at her 1930s “shack” in Malibu, inviting her guests to sleep over for the weekend.


Michael Cera



Reflecting on his life in Los Angeles before his move to New York, actor Michael Cera admitted he wasn’t into the Hollywood scene. Cera described L.A. as a good place to be a homebody and watch movies with friends.


Anna Kendrick



Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick isn’t much of a party girl. The 30-year-old actress describes herself as boring, saying that she likes to stay home and wear sweatpants.


Julia Roberts



Even early in her career before she had children, Julia Roberts said that she was a homebody, explaining she liked to be at home around her “stuff” — which included pillows and quilts she’d made herself.


Blake Lively



Although she goes to concerts and to industry events, Blake Lively is much more of a homebody, saying a few years ago: “I have never gone out just to go out, because I don’t really find it that fun.”


Rebecca Romijn



Actress Rebecca Romijn mostly avoids the L.A. scene, saying that going out to nightclubs is nothing but trouble. She and husband Jerry O’Connell prefer to have friends over or visit their friends’ houses.


Elijah Wood



He once lived in a sprawling Santa Monica mansion, but a couple years ago Elijah Wood left the Hollywood scene behind and moved to Austin, Texas, where he bought a Victorian house built in 1890.


Selena Gomez



Maybe it has something to do with her busy schedule, but 23-year-old actress/singer Selena Gomez appreciates her down time, saying that she prefers to relax and sleep rather than go out.


Meryl Streep



A strong desire for privacy led Meryl Streep and her husband, sculptor Don Gummer, to move their family to a Salisbury, Connecticut estate more than 30 years ago. After relocating to L.A. in 1990, they eventually returned to Connecticut.


Mandy Moore



Mandy Moore sees herself as a boring homebody, explaining that her home life has given her perspective. Moore takes time out for herself in an effort to avoid falling too deeply into the showbiz lifestyle.


Daniel Day-Lewis



The media branded Daniel Day-Lewis a recluse, but the actor—who lives a low-key life in the Irish countryside—rejects that label, saying that he’s a homebody who has other interests; namely his family and hobbies.


Kate Winslet



Kate Winslet seems to appreciate a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. The popular actress and her husband, businessman Ned RocknRoll (nephew of Richard Branson), moved to a country house in Sussex, England several years ago.


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie



Although Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of the most famous power couples in Hollywood, they mostly manage the household on their own, even making breakfast in the morning and spending lots of time with their six kids.