Awww! Chris Hemsworth Baked His Daughter a Birthday Cake

by Rachel Weeks

Awww! Chris Hemsworth Baked His Daughter a Birthday Cake

And those biceps. O.O


When we heard that Chris Hemsworth saved the day, we assumed he was in full Thor mode. Turns out, it was dad mode!


That’s right, when the bakery didn’t have time to whip up a cake for his daughter India’s birthday, Chris Hemsworth put down Thor’s hammer, picked up a spatula, and baked a cake himself. The actor posted a picture of the dinosaur-shaped dessert, which he calls “La TRex al la chocolate,” on Instagram two days ago. 


While Hemsworth probably could have gone easier on the green sprinkles, his decorating skills aren’t bad! For a procrastination cake, that dino looks pretty good. (Seriously, Chris, how late did you call the bakery that they don’t have time to make a cake for an Avenger?)


Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky didn’t seem to mind the last-minute cake baking as she posted it to her Instagram account as well. She, however, included a bonus picture of Chris in the kitchen, and we are glad she did. Holy biceps!



Biceps and decorating aside, this cake is really about Chris Hemsworth saving the day for his daughter. No cape required.