Ayesha Curry Shows Up Husband Stephen on the Basketball Court

by Chad Taylor

Ayesha Curry Shows Up Husband Stephen on the Basketball Court

If you thought Steph was the only one in the family who could ball, his wife has some words for you.


The Curry family is, objectively speaking, the best sports family alive, and Ayesha Curry has just added to the family’s legend. Ayesha’s husband Stephen Curry is the reigning two-time NBA MVP; a man who plays his sport like it’s a video game and he’s using cheat codes. Meanwhile, the youngest of the two Curry daughters, three-year-old Riley, is the undisputed champ in the world of Sports Babies, and comes to press conferences with more swagger and confidence than most of us will ever possess in our lives.


In a video posted to Ayesha’s Instagram account, we see her receive a smart little pass from a teammate as her husband leaves her unguarded on the perimeter, practically daring her to shoot. Then, in an ice-cold move that was reminiscent of the old Mia Hamm/Michael Jordan Gatorade commercial, Ayesha stepped up and drilled the three-pointer, giving a triumphant double-fist pump on her way down the floor.


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For her part, Ayesha Curry has never been afraid to step up and be heard — she famously feuded with Lebron James during last year’s NBA Finals — but on a recent goodwill tour of China, the Curry family matriarch proved that she’s got the skills to pay the bills.


Steph and Ayesha have been touring Asian country, hosting basketball camps and just generally being the coolest people you kind of wish you knew. Along the way, the pair has been participating in friendly pick-up basketball games with the locals, and in one such game over the weekend, Steph learned the same hard lesson that NBA defenders have known for three years now: if you leave a Curry open at the top of the key, they will burn you.


Her husband might have the NBA hardware, but it’s Ayesha Curry who wears the crown in this family.