Baller Babies: The $weet Life of Celeb Kids

by admin

Celebrities don’t accept anything less than the best, so why would we expect anything less of their precious progeny? What, you thought that Tom Cruise would stoop so low as to make his daughter fly coach? No, one of the perks of being born to parents who are rich and famous Hollywood entertainers is that from the moment of birth, you’re also richer and more famous than most people will ever be in their entire lifetimes.


Babyoncé’s $5,200 Bathtub



What do you get for the fetus who’s sure to have everything? A crystal-encrusted baby bathtub, that’s what. We are not making this up—former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland recently purchased a Baby Diamond Bathtub for her pal Beyoncé’s unborn daughter. According to the designer, it’s not as wildly excessive or impractical as it looks—once baby’s grown, the parents can use it as a beverage chiller. 


Suri Cruise’s $150,000 Shoe Collection



Everybody’s favorite fashionable five-year-old can’t be caught in plain old Skechers and Keds. Instead Miss Suri is known for having a penchant for heels, and those custom-made creations don’t come cheaply. _Star_ has estimated that the tot’s shoe collection, which includes bespoke pairs from Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs, has cost the Holmes-Cruises about $150,000. And that’s just shoes—her total wardrobe is estimated to be worth about $3 million.


Zachary Furnish-John’s $2 Million Apartment



This Rocket Boy doesn’t just have his own nursery—he’s already got his own bachelor pad. In preparation for his arrival, Daddy Elton and Papa David Furnish bought the apartment next door to their own in Los Angeles and turned it into one super-swank baby command center, staffed with a full-time nanny and nurse, of course.


Kingston Rossdale’s $15,000 Party



Balloons and bouncy castles sound like standard stuff for a fourth birthday party, but when you’re the son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, you only get _the best_ balloons and bouncy castles. In May 2010, Kingston’s fourth birthday party featured a face painter, balloon artist, actors dressed as superheroes, a bouncy castle, animals to pet, and tons of kid-friendly food, all to the tune of $15,000. Seems a shame that he’s so young, he won’t even remember it in ten years. 


Monroe Cannon’s $1 Million Nursery



If you heard that Mariah Carey spent $1 million decorating her infant twins’ room, you might assume that it had been bedazzled and spritzed with candy-scented perfume to within an inch of its life, but the room, as reported by _Life & Style_, is actually quite elegant and understated—even if the starry ceiling was painted as a tribute to two of Mariah’s most well-loved songs. The nursery’s price tag owes to big-ticket splurges like two $20,000 cribs, two $5,000 strollers, and a $250,000 Bose sound system. Plus plenty of plush white carpet for the babies to poop on.


Justin Dior Combs’s $360,000 Car



When your dad is the richest man in hip-hop, you don’t get a used Corolla for your sweet sixteen. For his sixteenth birthday, Diddy gifted his son Justin Dior Combs with a new silver Maybach (a favorite choice of rappers and others for whom a blinged-out Bentley is too understated). Justin didn’t have a license yet, but no matter—the wheels came complete with a chauffeur.


Skyler Morrison Berman’s $82,000 Wardrobe



No one is surprised that the son of the fabulously fashionable Rachel Zoe lays his head on Hermes crib cushions each night, but does an infant really need 22 pairs of shoes? A custom Gucci bomber jacket? Casadei sandals? Missoni knits? Little Skyler Morrison Berman may not be a year old yet, but surely he’d die for his incredible designer wardrobe, many pieces of which were gifts from the designers themselves. 


Max and Emme Muñiz’s $1 Million-Per-Month Staff



Expensive shoes and cars? _Please_. That’s kid stuff. The children of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have designer duds and sleep on 600-thread-count sheets, but they know that you haven’t really made it in Hollywood until you have an entourage. These twins have a set of full-time nannies, security guards, and an on-call baby masseuse that’s said to cost their parents about $1 million per month.