How to Recreate Billie Eilish’s Iconic Grammys Nails at Home

by Caroline Harris

How to Recreate Billie Eilish’s Iconic Grammys Nails at Home
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Billie Eilish dominated both the awards and the red carpet at the 2020 Grammys. She won the Best Album, Song, Record of the Year, New Artist and Pop Vocal Album awards. The 18-year-old is the youngest winner of Record of the Year in Grammys history. Billie recorded her acclaimed album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go with her brother Finneas O’Connell in their childhood bedrooms!


On the red carpet, Billie slayed in head-to-toe Gucci. Her look included an oversized pantsuit, mesh face mask, metallic sneakers, sunglasses and gold hoops. Our eyes were glued to her monochromatic green nails. Her nails sizzled in shades of slime green emblazoned with the Gucci logo.


Emi Kudo is the manicurist behind Billie’s slime-green talons. She revealed on Instagram exactly how she created the eye-catching statement nails. Kudo used a blend of OPI "March in Uniform" and “AmazON…AmazOFF” for the dark green base coat. According to her Instagram, she applied a “custom mix of “AmazON…AmazOFF” and “Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants” for the lighter green second layer. Kudo explained that “the gels used for hand-painting logos are my personal neon green gel and OPI’s neon yellow "PUMP Up the Volume."


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I am so overwhelmed for all the coverages about @billieeilish’s green Gucci nails from tonight’s @recordingacademy! Before people assume too much of how these nails were made, I think I should post the product break down now. ( I guess internet never wait for us however I was thinking how well I can finally sleep tonight.) The GG mark request was made by Billie’s team about a little over a week before the show. Later Billie’s team also said that she wants dark green color on her nails. Billie wanted something easily comes off after the show without leaving damage on her nails, so I used xxl press ons, and cut and filed to make square shape she wanted. My first inspiration was dark, but something subtly glows like allergy in the water. I looked around suitable product, then I decided to custom blend with a few of @OPI gels, and applied different tones in different coat. Here we go: First coat: March in Uniform x AmazOn AmazOff. ( makes darker green ) Second coat: custom mix of also AmazOn AmazOff and Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants. ( makes lighter green) I’ve noticed that if 2 similar colors, but in the different tones are applied in layers, the color would look like it has dimensionally depth. Later, to answer the request of Neon logos, I decided to also do custom blend. I hired 2 skillful nail artists to paint the logos. The gels used for hand painting logos are my personal neon green gel + OPI’s neon yellow Pump UP in the volume. Billie requested neon green, but I noticed that neon green is absorbed by base green color, so mixing neon yellow helps to stand out. I decided to work Billie’s both hands at the same time with my assitant to speed up the job. I promised Billie’s team that I don’ take busy Billie’s time more than one hour. Mika @mikahana555 , and Nao Ishita @nao.nail.la followed the process I created, and showed off amazing hand painting skills, but still it took around 15min for each nail to be painted since they are so detail. We worked at Billie’s family breakfast table in her house for 4 hrs. Everything had to be done in one night, a night before the show. No pre meeting, just with email conference, and voila! We did! #TeamEmiKudo

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We feel blessed that each of these OPI shades is available for less than $11 at Amazon and Walmart. You can create your own Billie Eilish-inspired nails at home with a little initiative and ingenuity.


If you’re a DIY queen, you can replicate Kudo’s custom OPI blend. Start by applying acrylic nails. (Check out our tutorial here!) Next add a blend of "March in Uniform" and “AmazON…AmazOFF.” After letting your nails dry, make like Picasso by blending “AmazON…AmazOFF” and “Sun, Sea, and Sand in my Pants” into a luminous slime-green hue. Finally, use fine-tipped nail brushes to paint the Gucci logo in "PUMP Up the Volume."


If this approach sounds a little intimidating, no worries. We came up with a lazy girl shortcut to getting Billie’s fabulous nails at home. Lather your nails in ella+mila’s “Mistletoe Magic.” Then apply these Gucci nail art stickers available on Amazon. After this two-step process, you’ll be looking like Billie at a fraction of the cost and effort.


We rounded up everything you need for an epic manicure worthy of Billie Eilish herself.


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Kiss 100 Tips Curve Overlap


Billie is celebrated all over the world for her long, lustrous nails. The singer favors neon green acrylics. To mirror her look, apply these curve-shaped nail tips. The kit contains 100 nail tips and two glues, so you can create weeks-worth of Billie Eilish-inspired nails!

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Go4Nails GG Inspired Nail Art Stickers


The Emi Kudo team hand-painted each Gucci logo on Billie Eilish’s nails. If you’re not a skilled painter, have no fear. Simply stick on some Gucci stickers for a polished nail look in seconds. There are many sizes and styles to choose from, so you can get creative with twists on Billie’s look.

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Red Carpet Manicure Nail Art Tool Kit


Artists, now is your moment! If the idea of hand-painting your nails speaks to you, scoop up some nail brushes and get to work. These nail art brushes feature various tip sizes and shapes, meaning you can paint all types of designs to your heart’s content. Use the finest-tip brush for maximum precision as you recreate the Gucci logo.

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OPI March in Volume


This is the exact shade Kudo used on Billie for the base coat blend. It’s a gorgeous midnight blue that would work well for so many nail looks. We love the deep tone and long-lasting shine. You can easily wear the color on its own as a nice neutral that will complement any outfit.

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ella+mila Dream Mistletoe Magic Nail Polish


Sidestep Kudo’s custom blend and cut right to the chase. This dreamy shade lives up to its name of “Mistletoe Magic.” It’s a close color match to the shade worn by Billie. Rock this earth tone anytime of year.

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OPI AmazON...AmazOFF Nail Lacquer


We have a crush on this color. It’s a stunning shade of turquoise blue that’s Billie-approved and will liven up any look. Kudo used this nail color as part of her custom blend along with the shade “Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants.” But it would also look lovely in its natural form for a twist on the trend.

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OPI Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants Nail Lacquer


Yellow nails? Yes, please! Billie Eilish is constantly keeping fans on their toes with her inventive manicures. Get a splash of summer with this stylish shade worn by Billie herself as part of the custom green blend in her Grammy nails. If this year’s Grammys red carpet taught us anything, it’s that loud nails are making a huge comeback.

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OPI PUMP Up the Volume Nail Lacquer


The Kudo team used this bold shade to paint the Gucci logo. It looks incredible contrasted against shades of green. Grab this nail color to add flourish to your look, whether you’re piling on polka dots or painting designer labels.