BREAKING: Kat Von D Publicly Calls Out Jeffree Star in the Most Scathing Way

by Bethany Lozier

BREAKING: Kat Von D Publicly Calls Out Jeffree Star in the Most Scathing Way

Kat Von D’s video takes this public feud to a whole new level of ugliness.


Controversial makeup mogul Jeffree Star has made headlines for years–for all of the wrong reasons–but early this morning, Kat Von D announced she is finally done with his sh@t.


In her tell-all Instagram post, Von D wrote she could no longer “rationalize Jeffree’s inappropriate behavior,” claiming he promoted “drug use, racism and bullying.”


The two makeup moguls previously shared a high-profile and profitable friendship, but Von D said she would like to “disassociate herself” from his brand from now on.


Von D also reported she will be pulling the lipstick shade “Jeffree” from her highly rated Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Line.


Star responded immediately via Twitter, maintaining he and Von D had not spoken in six months until this interaction, and that she “never supported his brand.”



Von D clapped back within minutes, vocalizing she and Star had recently fought about his alleged artwork plagiarism.



Now, in addition to her earlier Instagram post, Von D has released a 13 minute video explaining why she has chosen to cut all ties with Star.


In it, she alleges his refusal to pay artists for their work on his line, his encouragement of fans to “attack” and “bully” a brand that made a mistake Von D says was “totally forgivable,” and other accusations ranging from character flaws to online bullying.



This isn’t the first time Star has publicly feuded with other popular beauty gurus. In May, Star got in a Twitter fight with popular Instagram beauty blogger MakeupShayla, and has also butted heads with Lip Kit creator Kylie Jenner.


Regardless of the situation, it appears Star is notorious for attacking his naysayers, critics and haters alike when negative press comes his way. Star just tweeted he will respond to Von D’s video later today.



Update on July 20th: Star released his official response to Kat Von D’s scorching allegations. In the video, he denies he ever plagiarized artwork and even showed the official texts he shared with Von D. Though he states Von D is a supportive friend, he allegedly does not understand her “malicious intentions.”


For the first time ever, Star disabled the comments section on this video, saying it is “his side of the story to tell.”



It seems like no matter what the outcome of this feud, there’s no amount of concealer that can hide this drama.