Calvin Harris Just Made A Not-So-Nice Music Video About Taylor Swift

by Bethany Lozier

Calvin Harris Just Made A Not-So-Nice Music Video About Taylor Swift

Let’s be honest, this is probably not what Taylor came for. Though the mega music celebs have been apart for months now, it seems Calvin Harris isn’t quite ready to shake it off.


Looks like music’s ex-sweethearts still have bad blood boiling even after splitting this past summer. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were certainly celeb couple #goals, but their less-than-amicable split had us wondering if their love story would ever be rekindled. Well, let’s just say we have serious doubts they’re ever getting back together after Harris’ release of his new music video.


“My Way” makes no obvious lyrical references to Harris and Swift’s highly publicized romance, but the new video is essentially one long visual Swift diss. Though it might take some eagle eyes to catch every single T Swift reference, we found the big guns pointed right at the crooner herself.


1. The Polka Dot Dress


Calvin Harris 'My Way'


Any Swift fan will immediately recognize this reference. Who could forget T’s iconic red-and-white ensemble from ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?’


Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'


If this isn’t an allusion to Harris and Swift’s failed relationship, we don’t know what is.


2. Standing On Top Of Moving Horses


Calvin Harris 'My Way'


Yep, this is yet another Swift diss. Anybody remember Taylor’s famous scene from “Blank Space”?


Taylor Swift 'Blank Space'


Yeah, this is one’s also pretty obvious. Harris is all about the shade — maybe because he’s one of her blank spaces?


3. This Whole Horizontal Fifth Element Business


Calvin Harris 'My Way'


Uh, talk about trippy! Where else could Harris have gotten this supernatural inspiration… we’re guessing from his famous ex, Ms. Swift.


Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood'


Her “Bad Blood” music video is all about revenge and a relationship gone wrong, so it’s only natural for Harris to channel some of her classic angst, right?


Check out the rest of the music video to see if you can catch any more Taylor Swift references. She might be the only thing in Harris’ way, after all!