Celebrity Nail Art That Will Have You Feeling Insanely Jealous

by Effie Orfanides

Celebrity Nail Art That Will Have You Feeling Insanely Jealous

While some celebs tend to keep their nail look simple, others go all out. It’s hard to miss Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry’s over-the-top nail designs, but we’re digging Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé wear simple, chic manis just as much. Whether you like your nails long or short, glittery or matte, these celebrity manicures will have you running to your favorite nail salon.


Lily Allen



Love her or hate her, this theatrical singer-songwriter knows how to make a statement, and these fiery fingertips are a statement, indeed. Of course, we love the red and gold foil nail look, but also give credit to Allen on the statement ring accent. Most people would tone down the accessories with a bold nail look, but not Allen. We’re all about it.


Katy Perry



Katy Perry is a showstopper in every aspect of her life, why would her nails be any different? At the 2010 VMAs, when her relationship with comedian and actor Russell Brand was in full swing, Perry showed off her boo’s face on every fingernail. While we won’t be lining up to get our S.O.’s face all over our fingers, we can’t fault Perry on her commitment to love.


Vanessa Hudgens



If there is ever a time to go big with your nail look, it’s Halloween. Vanessa Hudgens certainly did. The Grease: Live star showed off this super-cool Halloween look on Instagram as a hint to fans about her adorable costume. It was Alice in Wonderland, of course!


Rita Ora



With this elegant and intricate nail look, singer Rita Ora proves that elaborate nails don’t have to look tacky. We’re in love with this neutral, embellished half-moon manicure, especially when paired with a fierce clutch and collection of gold rings.


Nicki Minaj



Famous for her over-the-top outfits and hair styles, it seems obvious that Nicki Minaj wouldn’t skimp on her nails either. While this particular manicure certainly isn’t the most extreme look we’ve seen from Minaj, we adore the royal-looking nail embellishments and bold color.


Kylie Jenner



Queen of beauty Kylie Jenner couldn’t be left off this list. Besides putting the coffin-shaped nail on the map, Kylie loves long, nude nails especially in a matte polish. She is proof that great manicures don’t have to be super-elaborate to steal the show.


Ashley Benson



Throw the nail rules out the window! This Ashley Benson manicure shows that a shiny, sparkly, studded nail look can be absolute perfection. Feeling glitzy and punk-rock at the same time? Don’t be afraid to do both!


Khloe Kardashian



While we would hesitate to go quite this long with our own nails, Khloe Kardashian rocks it. Somehow, with an unusual shape and dulled sheen, she makes baby pink look rock-and-roll. Plus, check out those rings. Want!





Slay, Rihanna, slay. This studded, gold-tipped French manicure is as fierce as the pop star herself. Combined with her henna-inspired hand tattoo and a frosty Staples Center beer, this look has us desperate for some new Rihanna tracks.


Kelly Osbourne



As if we weren’t already OBSESSED with Kelly Osbourne, this nail look certainly sealed the deal. Besides all the killer accessories in this shot, Osbourne’s combination of pale pink and gold foil is totally swoon-worthy.


Hailee Steinfeld



If you didn’t catch Hailee Steinfeld in Pitch Perfect 2, you definitely should now. This Lichtenstein-style nail design is out of this world—albeit totally perfect for the 2013 Comic-Con event she wore them to.


Alexa Chung



Leave it to Alexa Chung to make a simple bronze manicure look totally breathtaking. Her collaboration with Nails Inc keeps her on the forefront of new nail trends, but one of her favorites is a classic coat of glitter.


Bella Thorne



Disney’s Shake It Up actress Bella Thorne may only be 18, but these nails are anything but juvenile. She absolutely rocks this collection of eclectic nail patterns without looking tacky. Who knew that pastels paired so well with gold studs and geometric shapes?





Of course, being a mom, Queen Bey prefers to keep her nails short and manageable, but that doesn’t keep her from showing off a new look every once in a while. We’re obsessed with this pointed, nude nail look.


Jessie J



Not one to tone things down, English pop sensation Jessie J nails this glittery manicure. Gold glitter must be a favorite of the showy performer; look at that sparkly iPhone!