Celebrity Sex Lives: 15 Stars Who Aren’t Afraid of a Little TMI

by Jasmine Gordon

Celebrity Sex Lives: 15 Stars Who Aren’t Afraid of a Little TMI

When it comes to celebrity sex lives, stars are surprisingly like you and me. While some prefer to keep what happens between the sheets a secret, others are amazingly open about their preferences related to sex. From Katy Perry to Angelina Jolie and beyond, check out some seriously adorable—and cringe-worthy—examples of celebrity sex TMIs. Heads up! This slide show is definitely not recommended for prudes!


Paltrow Isn’t Picky



Gwyneth Paltrow has developed a reputation for being a bit of a health freak. So she’s pretty selective about what she’ll put in her body; however, the health-conscious actress doesn’t have the same strict standards when it comes to getting busy. When asked about her sex life with her ex Chris Martin prior to their “conscious uncoupling,” Paltrow admitted she doesn’t have a favorite sex position. “I like all of them,” she said.


Kimye Is Insatiable



Kim Kardashian-West has never been afraid of a little TMI. So, it’s no surprise that she didn’t hesitate to share about her sex life with Kanye. When the couple was trying to make their second baby, Kim admitted that they would “try every single day.” In fact, she stated, “You can’t try harder than we try.” Now that Kimye’s hard work has paid off, the couple may be balancing sex with their other couple hobbies, which include exercise, playing with North West, and just “being together.”


Rihanna Is a Little Kinky



Rihanna—or as she’s dubbed herself on Instagram, “badgirlriri”—admitted she’s not afraid to get a little kinky in the bedroom. That’s right, Ri told Rolling Stone that while she “like[s] to take charge,” she’s also not afraid to submit to a partner. Spankings, getting tied up, and “keeping it spontaneous” are just a few of her favorite things.


It’s Jason Sudeikis’s Favorite Sport



Neither Jason Sudeikis nor his fiancée Olivia Wilde are shy about admitting they enjoy getting busy. In fact, Wilde has even confessed they get it on like “Kenyan marathon runners.” Sudeikis credited their passionate sex lives with his drastic weight loss in an interview with Elle, admitting that his time in bed with Wilde was his favorite form of exercise.


Jane Fonda Is Still Experimenting



Celebrity fitness trainer Jane Fonda may be almost 80 years old, but that doesn’t mean things are dead for her and music producer partner Richard Perry! While Fonda admitted that sex “needs to be planned” at her age, that doesn’t mean she goes without. In fact, Fonda has become something of a warrior for senior citizen sexuality. She recently told a magazine that she would love to break through the taboo that older people “don’t have sex.”


Heidi Klum Gets Spicy



Supermodel and supermom Heidi Klum hasn’t gone without since her divorce from ex-husband Seal. Klum once stated she’s unafraid of getting a little “experimental,” including dressing up and doing things outside her comfort zone. In her own words, “If you are wild and crazy, bring it on.”


Amy Schumer Is a Lights-Off Kinda Gal



Amy Schumer is pretty much the walking definition of TMI. Much of the comedian’s humor is built on oversharing about her sex life. However, it may come as a surprise to you that even Schumer has her limits, and one of them involves turning the lights off in the bedroom. Despite her ongoing battle with her boyfriend about the mood lighting, Schumer gushes that she is “so in love” and “everything is perfect” in her relationship.


Sex Scenes Make J. Law Vulnerable



Jennifer Lawrence is certainly no prude, but she recently finished filming the first major sex scene of her career, with none other than Chris Pratt. Despite J. Law’s professional reputation, she admitted feeling “the most vulnerable I’ve ever been.” Lawrence admits she “knew” it was just work, but she felt some serious guilt over kissing her married costar for the scene.


Ginger Spice was a REALLY Late Bloomer



The former Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, made a pretty graphic confession in a birthday shout-out to a fan on Twitter. The ex-Spice Girls member admitted she didn’t have her first “worthy” orgasm until she was 30. Talk about delayed gratification!


Ansel Elgort Makes Us Go “Awww.”



For the super-cute star of The Fault in Our Stars, having great sex is just one part of a spectacular relationship. In one of the sweetest quotations we’ve ever heard on celebrity sex lives, Ansel Elgort said he lost his virginity at 14 but wants a relationship with a girl he can have fun with. For Elgort, going to concerts, playing video games, and having “amazing sex” defines true romance.


Scarlett Johansson Loves the Backseat



Scarlett Johansson’s reputation as being a super-classy star doesn’t mean she’s afraid to dish a little. In fact, her sexual preferences may surprise you. Johansson has admited her “biggest sexual thrill” takes place in the backseat of a car.


Martha Stewart Thinks Sex Is a Good Thing



Martha Stewart may be best-known for her delicious recipes and hostess ideas, but the 72-year-old lifestyle expert apparently loves sex, too. Stewart admitted that since her prison stint for tax issues, she’s dabbled in Internet dating and sexting, and has “maybe” had a threesome.


Why the Smiths Stay Together



With seventeen years of successful marriage under their belts, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are the very definition of a power couple. Pinkett Smith credits “nice outfits and high heels” with keeping their spark alive and admitted some of their racy secrets to People magazine. Apparently Jada and Will aren’t afraid to have sex in a car or outdoors or to engage in wild fantasies.


Angelina Jolie Prefers Pregnant Sex



Angelina Jolie’s sex life has been the source of speculation for years, starting with her very-public relationship with Billy Bob Thornton. However, Jolie has since admitted that the times when she was pregnant yielded some of the best sex of her life. She gushed, “You have more fun,” and “You’re just so round and full.”


Katy Perry Is a Little Old-Fashioned



Katy Perry hasn’t had much in the way of dry spells. She told E that “maybe six months or a year” is the longest she’s ever gone without sex. However, Perry has one item on her “don’ts” list: one-night stands! This “California Girl” prefers having sex with people she feels a connection to.