Celebs Dress Up for Halloween to Varying Degrees of Success

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Celebs Dress Up for Halloween to Varying Degrees of Success

Some were amazing (Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman, for instance). Some not-so-much (surprise surprise, Paris Hilton was a nondescript sexy Halloweener.) See for yourself and let us know which celeb you think stole the show. 


Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho”




Ryan Seacrest and Juliane Hough as Bonnie and Clyde




Jimmy Fallon as Fit Mitt Romney




Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as Mermaid and Sailor




Kat Dennings as a Vampire




Nicole Richie and a Gaggle of Girl Scouts




Rachel Zoe as a Flapper and Her Husband’s Next Meal




Paris Hilton as Sexy for Sexy’s Sake




Christina Milian as The Queen of Hearts




Fergie and Josh Duhamel as Fame-Whores



So clever! Fergie is spot-on as Angelyne, the woman who famously put up billboards of herself around LA. And Josh Duhamel as Dennis Woodruff, the guy who stars in his own home movies.


Christina Aguilera as Who Knows?!




Angelina Jolie as Mulit-Tasking Mommy



Meanwhile, Vivienne went as a unicorn, Shiloh as pouty and awesome, and Knox as adorable.


Busy Philipps and hubby as Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham




Chloe Grace Moretz




Chord Overstreet makes for a pretty convincing Brad Pitt




Christina Milian looking a bit blood thirsty




Deryck Whibley and his girlfriend as his ex-wife Avril Lavigne and her new fiance Chad Kroeger. Awkward!




Ellen DeGeneres as Sofia Vergaga. Hilarious!




Jessica Simpson (and her bangin body), fiance Eric Johnson, and little Maxwell looking adorbs as a little chicken.



Credit: jessicasimpson.com


Jessica Alaba and Fam as The Incredibles




Mariah Carey and her little ones as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Awwwwwww




Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj




The winning costume in my book: Emma Roberts as her famous Aunt Julia Roberts’ charachter in Pretty Woman.



Credit: usmagazine.com


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