Celebs We Want in Our Real-Life Girl Squad

by Erin Clarkson

Celebs We Want in Our Real-Life Girl Squad

When it comes to picking celebrity friends, a handful of names consistently rises to the top of our list. We’ve put together a dream team of girls you know you’d love to have by your side—and watching your back. #squadgoals


Celebrities We Wish Were In Our Real-Life Squad


It’s hard not to get a bit of Instagram envy every time we see a new post with our favorite celebs palling around. We’d accept entry into almost any of young Hollywood’s close-knit circles, and to be honest, there’s not much we wouldn’t give to be a part of T. Swift’s girl squad. So, while the rest of the world compiles their fantasy football teams, we’ve put together our fantasy girl squad—and it’s a killer lineup.


1 Sandra Bullock


1. Sandra Bullock — Squad Captain: Sandy seems nice, down-to-earth, extremely talented, admirable, and funny. Did you know she’s 51 years old?! We’d love to dish about her beauty secrets and what’s keeping her young. We love that she uses her celebrity to bring awareness to causes near and dear to her heart–like adoption. She’s also philanthropic and has donated millions to charities both at home and abroad. Bonus points for having such a contagious laugh.


2 Jennifer Lawrence


2. Jennifer Lawrence — The Relatable One: JLaw is the ultimate celebrity BFF. Every girl needs a best friend who won’t sugarcoat things, and Jennifer is the type to tell it like it is. She’s repeatedly proven that she isn’t afraid to be silly, she probably has the best collection of photo bombs of anyone on the red carpet, and we think she’d bring life to even the most boring social event. We imagine she’d steal our phone and take crazy selfies with it the minute we left the table. Plus, she fangirls just like us. Bonus points for having Bradley Cooper as her good buddy. He’s welcome to tag along on the next girls’ night out!


3 Emma Watson


3. Emma Watson — The Role Model: She’s incredibly articulate, the epitome of girl power, and always classy. Perhaps those are a few of the benefits of an Ivy League education? She clearly has her own opinions and isn’t afraid to back them up. Have you seen her HeForShe speech to the United Nations on the topic of gender equality? As an accomplished actress, UN Goodwill Ambassador, and humanitarian, Emma has accomplished more in her 25 years than many of us will in a lifetime. We’d love to have her around as motivation to do more with our lives! Bonus points if she’d share Burberry hand-me-downs from her closet.


4 Taylor Swift


4. Taylor Swift — The Confident One: It wouldn’t be a girl gang without Taylor, originator of the girl squad phenomenon. We’d be perfectly happy confessing our deepest and darkest boyfriend secrets to her, since we feel like she wouldn’t judge us one bit. She’d probably even write some funny inside joke in her next song to make us laugh about what a loser he was—post-breakup, of course. We also want to dish about her tips for baking the perfect cookie and see if she’ll whip up a batch for our next get-together. Bonus points if we could hang for the summer at her beach house in Rhode Island.


5 Anna Kendrick


5. Anna Kendrick — The Sassy One: If she’s anything like her Twitter persona, it would be a blast to have her provide running commentary on daily life. We’d take her grocery shopping with us and have her tag along to the gym, just to get her perspective about the Kanye Wests of the real world. Plus, having her break into song in the car while we were out running errands would be awesome. Finally, she makes us feel good about our Peter Pan–like desires to never grow up. We’d give her bonus points if we could have a lip sync battle with her on the next karaoke girls’ night out!


6 Cara Delevingne


6. Cara Delevingne — The Uninhibited One: She’s a bit of a wild child, but that’s perfectly okay in this dream team of celeb besties. We need a pal who could make us look tame in comparison! With frequent comments like, “I say my body is a roller coaster. Enjoy the ride,” we’re pretty sure she’d always provide entertainment. We’re also fairly certain she’d have the inside scoop on the best parties. Bonus points if she could give us behind-the-scenes access to the best fashion shows so we could have a shot at capturing a selfie with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld.


7 Drew Barrymore


7. Drew Barrymore — The Likable One: The former wild-child seems like she has a firm grasp on reality these days and doesn’t let the craziness of Hollywood get to her. She survived drug addiction in her teens and emancipation from her parents at age 14, then went on to become a famous actress, producer, and model. We want her in our entourage to calm our nerves when we’re freaking out about school, work, boyfriends, or bad outfits. She’d tell us to get a grip and get over it! Bonus points for having the best point of view on beauty and being one we should all strive to emulate!


8 Lupita Nyong


8. Lupita Nyong’oThe Accomplished One: As Glamour‘s Woman of the Year, People Magazine‘s choice for The Most Beautiful Woman, and an Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress, we think Lupita is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been on the fashion fast track in the past few years, and we’d love to spend the day playing dress-up in her closet. Bonus points if Lupita would share her top workout tips for her chiseled arms with us.


9 Emma Stone


9. Emma Stone — The Cool One: Every squad needs a feisty ginger with gorgeous green eyes to spice things up. We all want to bring Olive Penderghast to life as one of our best gal pals, and Emma seems to embody many of the characteristics of our favorite fictional harlot (minus the harlot part, of course). She speaks the truth, she’s book smart, and she has a great relationship with her parents. Best of all, she shuns social media — something we all secretly want to do on occasion. Bonus points if we could get style tips from Emma, since her wardrobe choices would translate best to our everyday life.