Chrissy Teigen’s Most Refreshingly Honest Quotes About Motherhood

by Morgan DeBoest

Chrissy Teigen’s Most Refreshingly Honest Quotes About Motherhood

Chrissy Teigen is our queen for so many reasons—her amazing cooking skills, her hilarious sense of humor, and her surprisingly relatable social media accounts. Check out her best points about motherhood, from immediately post-birth to how things change when you’re at home breastfeeding.


On Losing That Baby Weight



Is it bad that we think this while trying to lose a few, too?


On Breastfeeding



Trippy, right? We love how open Chrissy is about breastfeeding and all the down-and-dirty aspects of motherhood.


On Bodily Functions



It’s about time. No more pretending!


On Children’s Books



UGH, us too! We love the tradition of passing down your own favorite childhood memories and books to your kiddos.


On Double Standards



Queen of sass, we salute you.


On Teaching Moments



The Teigen-Legend/Stephens family has three dogs—one of which is an adorable three-legged black French bulldog named Penny.


On Sleep



No matter what school of sleep-training you are of, you gotta agree—getting babies (and kids in general) to sleep is a HOT MESS. One day, they’ll miss being able to sleep all the time!


On Her Womanly Figure



Chrissy, girl, you’ve got a rockin’ bod. No matter what size you are, pre- or post-baby.


On New Hobbies



Weird how one year you can be in a full-on ballgown and the next you could be doing…this.


On Fun Surprises



Ahh, the harsh realities of childbirth. Moms everywhere praised Chrissy for talking about post-birth in such a candid manner.


On Feeling Your Look…Or Not

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This girl ???????? yes I cropped myself out

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When you’re so in love with your baby but aren’t quite feeling selfies yet, you crop! Chrissy is all of us here.


On Baby Dimples



There’s nothing like a chunky baby! We can’t get enough of baby Luna’s rolls, dimples, and general cuteness.


On the Paparazzi



Sometimes, the paparazzi isn’t SO bad. Totally relatable, right?


On Boobs

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We actually laughed out loud at this one. Protect the goodies (and Luna’s food)!


On Her Husband



Chrissy has said time and time again how much John does for their little family—from waking up with her at every hour of the night to reading Goodnight Moon in that gorgeous voice of his. Dad goal alert!