The Dogs of Hollywood: Celebrities and Their Super-Cute Pooches

by Effie Orfanides

The Dogs of Hollywood: Celebrities and Their Super-Cute Pooches

Who doesn’t love dogs? Celebrities certainly do. Some of your favorite star have super cute pooches and we’ve decided to give you a round-up of the most adorable four-legged friends in Hollywood.


Lisa Vanderpump’s Giggy



Giggy is a star in his own right. The tiny Pomeranian has his own Twitter account (@GiggyThePom) and appears on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills with his mom. Giggy is so popular in fact, he had a meeting with Donald Trump earlier this week.


Blake Lively’s Penny



Blake Lively has her hands full with 1-year-old daughter, James, but still manages to make time for the pups in her life. She’s frequently been spotted out and about with her adorable maltipoo, Penny. She’s also dog-mom to husband Ryan Reynold’s rescue dog, Baxter.


Hugh Jackman’s Peaches



Hugh Jackman may be known for being a tough guy on the big screen, but seeing him around his French Bulldog is another story. The actor simply loves Peaches and spends a lot of time with her when he’s not working on the latest Wolverine movie.


Beth Behrs’ Betty



The Two Broke Girls star is absolutely obsessed with her Yorkie, Betty. The actress often posts Snapchat stories with her pup, mostly of the two snuggled up together.


Miranda Kerr’s Frankie



The supermodel has an adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Frankie. Her son, Flynn, with ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, gives Frankie a run for his money in the cute department.


Alessandra Ambrosio’s Lola



When she’s not showing off the latest sexy number from Victoria’s Secret, Alessandra Ambrosio is a loving dog-mom to Lola. The little white ball of fluff looks like a Maltese, though her breed is unclear.


Hailey Baldwin’s Corgi



Back in April, Hailey Baldwin headed to Citipups pet store in New York City with her gal pal Kendall Jenner. She was overjoyed — to the point of tears — to find the cutest corgi ever. “They have bought other dogs here before. It was Kendall [Jenner] who brought her in last Tuesday to see the Corgi, and today Stephen came in earlier and played with the puppy while he waited for Hailey to arrive. Then he bought her the puppy,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. It is unknlown what Hailey decided to name her new fur baby.


Ariana Grande’s Strauss



The “Dangerous Woman” singer has multiple pets, inlcuding 7 pups at last count. Strauss, who is pictured here, is an adorable Yorkie that Ariana adopted from the Animal Rescue Foundation.


Bethenny Frankel’s Cookie



Bethenny just loves her “Gray Lady!” Cookie is an adorable Lhasa-Apso who makes frequent appearance on Snapchat. Cookie has also been on RHONY and has her own Instagram account (@CookieDaBooBoo)!


Demi Lovato’s Batman



When it comes to dogs, it doesn’t get much cuter than Demi Lovato’s new guy, Batman. The little sweetheart appears to be a poodle mix. He has made quite a few appearances on his mom’s Snapchat — he gets so excited to see her when she comes home from work!


Lea Michele’s Pearl



The Glee actress absolutely loves dogs. Her baby Pearl looks like a Pomeranian. Lea and Pearl have been the best of buds since 2013, according to Mail Online.


Naya Rivera’s Emmy



Actress Naya Rivera is another dog lover. Her pooch, Emmy (bottom right), makes our list! Emmy looks like a Cocker Spaniel. She was welcomed into Naya’s home in 2014, according to E! News.


Ashley Benson’s Walter



How cute is Ashley Benson’s dog, Walter? Ashley also has a Maltese-Shih Tzu named Olive, and we can’t decide which dog is cuter!


Kellan Lutz’s Team Lutz



The Twilight hunk has had many dogs in his day. One of his dogs, named Team Lutz according to Seventeen Magazine, makes our list with ease. The furry guy looks like a Pom mix.


Kylie Jenner’s Irish Greyhounds



Kylie Jenner has a lot of dogs. Norman and Bambi are the beloved leaders of the pack and we just can’t get enough of them! They even have their own Instagram account.