Dr. Dre Handcuffed and Questioned by Police After Apparent Road Rage Incident

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Dr. Dre Handcuffed and Questioned by Police After Apparent Road Rage Incident

The complaint stemmed from an altercation outside the rapper's L.A. home

I am a simple man. As such, I have a few very simple rules that I live by. Avoid Red Delicious apples. Always get a receipt. Don't make Dr. Dre mad. So far in my life, all three of these rules have served me well, and I have prospered because of them. One Los Angeles-area man, however, is clearly an anarchist, because he has been documented flagrantly violating Rule Number Three.

According to our friends at TMZ, the mercifully unnamed motorist pulled off the PCH on Monday, July 25, and decided that the best place to stop for a bit was in front of Dr. Dre's driveway. Maybe he was checking his directions. Maybe there was totally a Blastoise there and he had to catch it. Or maybe he just didn't know that it was Dr. Dre's driveway. Regardless, he was there.

Forgetting for the moment that stopping in front of any driveway is a little bit on the rude side, let's say that you stop in front of a gangster rapper's driveway and don't know it. It seems like the kind of situation that is easily remedied the moment that an angry Dr. Dre comes knocking on your window, telling you to get the hell away from his driveway, because he would very much like to use it for its intended purpose, please. (The 'please' was probably more assumed than uttered in this particular instance)

In THAT scenario, most of us would suddenly understand that Rule Number Three is a good idea, and move our cars. Well. While the protagonist of this particular story did, indeed, move his car, he also thought to himself "I think now would be a good time to start swearing at Dr. Dre." You guys. That is a thought that actually happened inside this person's head and I can't believe we are even having this conversation. Not only is it almost always a bad idea to start cussing out the man who performed "Natural Born Killaz," it is remarkably bad form to block someone's driveway, then act like they're the jerk when they get mad about it.

So anyway, this guy is yelling at Dre, Dre's yelling at the dude, and eventually the cops get called. Dre gets handcuffed while the cops are questioning everyone, because the motorist claimed Dre had a gun and this is America and I really don't want to have that conversation right now.

Dr. Dre Questioned Cuffed Police

But here is where the story goes from "this guy is kind of rude" to "this guy is gloriously stupid:" The cops decide that there's no gun, no reason for anyone to be arrested and nothing to see here…and then the motorist decided that wasn't good enough, and insisted on making a citizen's arrest, because once you've decided to piss off Dr. Dre, you may we well go all in.

The motorist's complaint has been forwarded to the District Attorney's office, where it will most likely be giggled at.