Drake Sneaks Onto Drake University Campus And Students React Hilariously

by Faith Brar

Drake Sneaks Onto Drake University Campus And Students React Hilariously

After campaigning for years, #BringDrakeToDrake finally paid off when the rapper stopped by Drake University’s campus in the dead of the night. But he didn’t get the party he was expecting.


Students at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa were fast asleep in their beds when Drake (AKA Champagne Papi) paid a visit to their campus. His impromptu appearance was in response to #BringDraketoDrake: a social media campaign waging since 2009, hoping to attract the Toronto rapper to his namesake university. Unfortunately (but hilariously), the visit didn’t go as planned.


Earlier that night, the platinum-selling rapper performed at the Wells Fargo Arena nearby, decked out in Drake University apparel (including a custom-made Letterman jacket) teasing students that their dreams might still come true. And well, they did…sort of.

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In the dead of the night, Drizzy snuck onto the university’s campus, and paid a few Greek life houses a visit. “Look. Kappa Kappa Gamma, I’m outside your sorority house now and you’re all asleep,” he said in his Instagram story. His crew rang the doorbell almost a dozen times, but unfortunately no one let him in.


In the morning, the sorority posted a screenshot of his video and apologized for missing him.


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Some Drake and Kappa alumni definitely had some hard feelings about the situation — convinced they would have never slept through such an incredible opportunity.

“I think it’s awesome that he came,” alumni Taylor Floyd told MORE. “I’m sad I wasn’t there because I definitely would have been awake at Kappa.”

Others were just grateful that the rapper made an appearance at all. “It goes to show that Drake is a one of a kind human being for listening to our pleas and loving the city and school so much while he was there,” said Kaylyn Maher, a 2015 graduate.

Drizzy also made a pit stop at Kappa Alpha Theta, and no one answered. But one sorority member had a very valid reason.

In light of the recent creepy clown sightings in Des Moines, Maddie Burch a Theta and junior at Drake, wasn’t planning on opening her door to a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night. And understandably so.


But after watching Drake’s Instagram story, she came to an uncanny realization.


Now that will be hard to come back from.

While students didn’t get to see Drake IRL, it goes without saying that he did his best to make it happen. Here’s to hoping that next time he’ll show up during the day and with a little bit of a warning.