The Eggplant Emoji Has Inspired A New Durex Condom, But With A Catch

by Hannah Marsh

The Eggplant Emoji Has Inspired A New Durex Condom, But With A Catch

Durex has launched a brilliant new campaign to get millennials to start talking about safe-sex.



Condom flavors have reached their peak.



Mint, banana, strawberry, grape, apple, orange, bacon, and cola are just some of the options we’ve learned to accept, but we’re not sold on Durex’s new announcement — an eggplant-flavored version of the contraceptive.



The eggplant emoji, most commonly used over texting in reference to a penis — does anyone ever actually use it for an eggplant? — covers the front of the company’s packaging.


Now before you lose your mind trying to figure out what exactly an eggplant tastes like, you’ll probably be pleased to know that the announcement was all a part of a gag campaign. (Our condolences if you were looking forward to it.)


Durex launched the #CondomEmoji campaign in an effort to persuade the help of emoji-makers in empowering young people around the world to talk more easily and openly about safe sex.


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Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that of the high school students who had sex within the last three months, 43 percent did not use a condom during their most recent experience. Alongside this statistic, Durex’s research found that 84 percent of 16- to 25-year-olds have said they actually felt more comfortable talking about sex using emojis.


In response to these findings, the contraceptive company wrote an emoji-filled message to Unicode Consortium, the organization that develops the emojis, giving them a heads up about the current state of millennial sex-talk.


“Emojis have changed how young people communicate about the birds and the bees,” said Durex. They also explained the importance of safe sex in preventing STIs such as HIV and AIDS.


The responses to the social media campaign have been overwhelmingly positive (and hilarious), with fans of the spoof understanding the importance of getting more people to talk about (and act on) safe sex.





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