8 Weird AF Techniques Celebs Use To Get Red Carpet Ready

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 Weird AF Techniques Celebs Use To Get Red Carpet Ready

There’s a lot more to looking fabulous on the red carpet than having the right gown. Find out what your favorite celebs do to prepare for awards season.


Celebrities usually look their best on the red carpet but there’s much more to it than choosing an amazing gown or tuxedo. Obviously, special attention to hair and makeup is a factor, but many celebrities also use some unconventional methods of preparing for awards shows. From strange beauty regimens to techniques that promote inner harmony, here are eight ways celebs look and feel their best on Hollywood’s biggest nights.


Colonic Hydrotherapy: This is one awards show prep technique that doesn’t have anything to do with what we see on screen. According to Harper’s Bazaar, pain management expert Vicky Vlachonis, whose clients include Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, suggests colonic hydrotherapy or the non-invasive alternative, tummy massage, to help improve their mood the week leading up to an awards show, “to encourage lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow to the abdomen.”


Resculptor Facial Device: It may sound too good to be true, but there really is such a thing as a resculptor for the face, which is used “to help erase fine lines, reduce puffiness, lift the eyes and cheekbones, and even define the jawline,” according to Shape. Kate Winslet, who has plenty of experience as an award nominee and winner, uses this devise to give her beautiful skin an extra glow just before these events. But the actress has her priorities straight, focusing on being healthy for her children rather than feeling pressure from the media concerning her body.


Pepto-Bismol for Facial Pores: Another unusual facial involves this popular over-the-counter stomach medication. It is favored by a lot of celebrities who smooth on a thin layer for a face mask. Pepto-Bismol contains bismuth subsalicylate, an antibacterial, which exfoliates. But Refinery29 quotes Dr. Zein Obagi who warns it could be “very drying for mature skin” and explains: “it may work occasionally to help dry up a blemish or tighten pores, but is not a substitute for a daily acne regimen that includes salicylic acid.”


Pole Dancing: As you might imagine, working out is an important part of most pre-red carpet regimens, but celebrities often go for non-traditional fitness routines, especially during awards season. We’ve occasionally seen pole dancing as entertainment at awards shows, but a number of female celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson have used pole dancing as a fun way to get in shape.


Deodorant on the Face: It makes sense that stars would be concerned about sweating on the red carpet. After all, they’re under pressure and formal wear in the California sun can present a problem. According to Refinery29, some celebrities actually apply deodorant to their face. If you insist on trying this at home, be careful because “[T]hey may cause reactions. Test it on a small patch of your skin first before you start swiping it all over your visage.”


Electrical Current Therapy: Celebrities use a wide range of skin treatments, but one of the most interesting is electronic current therapy, which is just as unconventional as it sounds. Facialist Joanna Vargas, whose clients include Rachel Weisz, Sofia Coppola and Zac Posen, says: “I use a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone muscle and tighten skin.” It offers more than just a temporary fix. Vargas claims the treatment has “long-term effects.”


Hair Inspiration Boards: Hair is always a major focus at award shows and many celebs surprise viewers with a daring new coif. Hairstylist Adir Abergel, who has worked for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Eva Green and Rooney Mara, makes a hair inspiration board based on the gown her client will be wearing. Abergel told Harper’s Bazaar: “I come up with a series of inspiration images for how I envision the hair.”


Acupuncture: This ancient therapy is used to treat many conditions but it’s not something normally associated with awards show prep. However, a number of celebrities use a combination of acupuncture, juice detox and massage to get ready for a big event. Journalist Izzy Lawrence of Grammy.org gave it a try and said: ” I was pleasantly surprised by acupuncture, as it wasn’t very painful at all. The massage was absolute bliss and definitely my favorite part of getting red-carpet ready.”