Emma Watson Is Criticized After Women’s Rights Speech, And It Shows How Far We Still Have To Go

by Hannah Marsh

Emma Watson Is Criticized After Women’s Rights Speech, And It Shows How Far We Still Have To Go

Emma Watson gave yet another fantastic speech on equality to the U.N. last week. However, this reporter proves to the world that the battle she’s fighting is far from over.


Since being appointed U.N. Women’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, award-winning actress Emma Watson has been relentlessly advocating for equality for women and minorities on the international stage. (NBD or anything.)


In a pretty unusual turn of events following a speech at the U.N. last week, Watson was criticized by columnist Rod Liddle for her statements in an editorial response in a U.K. tabloid newspaper The Sun, with him having the audacity to call her statements “whining, leftie, PC crap,” and stating his objection to taking actresses who use their platform to improve our world seriously, saying she should instead be sticking to talking about Quidditch rules.


Not sexist at all, right?


Watson’s three-and-a-half-minute speech didn’t waste a second as she covered sexual assault on campuses, called on universities to encourage and respect equal leadership and equal pay for women and addressed the need for full inclusion and representation of women and minorities. While most educated people consider these topics to be vital discussions as more and more hot-topic issues are arising regarding them, apparently this reporter finds them boring and not worth his time.


However, because she’s entirely too busy changing the world, Watson was seemingly unfazed by the “Old Boys Club”-sounding remarks. Her social media accounts remain unperturbed in response to the commentator as no response has been given, but plenty of work updates have continued to be posted — including an endearing Facebook birthday wish to the world-renowned author, feminist and social activist, Bell Hooks.


Watson first captured our attention as our favorite muggle-born wizard Hermoine Granger, a role that will forever live on in our hearts. However, it has been these ceaseless efforts in the gender equality movement (If you haven’t heard of #HeForShe, please do yourself (and the world!) a favor and enlighten your life RN), along with her pretty badass beat-boxing skills that have made us fall in love with the Watson beneath the sorting hat.


So for her bully to essentially say that “Hermione” (ahem, totally dehumanizing her) doesn’t deserve to have these opinions is so out-of-touch and completely ridiculous.


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While there will always be the Rod Liddles of this world (see: “male chauvinist“) who are against giving half of the population the equal rights and respect they deserve, Watson supporters, the Sophie Turners and other feminist-minded individuals remind us that not all hope is lost in the international journey to full equality.