Evelyn’s Reaction to Beyonce Featuring Her Video Will Make You Smile

by admin

Evelyn’s Reaction to Beyonce Featuring Her Video Will Make You Smile

YouTube and popular social media star Evelyn hoped Beyonce would notice her video reaction to Lemonade, but never expected how much Bey would appreciate it.

Beyonce is always doing cool things, especially for her fans. And on May 8, she featured superfan Evelyn’s video reaction to Lemonade during her Formation tour. And like anyone would with recognition from Queen B, Evelyn freaked out. Lucky for us, she posted a killer reaction video to her YouTube channel, Evelyn from the Internets.

The video starts with Evelyn asking her audience to remove their headphones, then she screams three times (I didn't listen, that was stupid).

She explains how she was sitting at home on Mother’s Day minding her "magical black business” when her phone started to blow up. She pretends to read the texts, her eyes growing wide as she realized her video was in Formation. "Take out your headphones" she whispers. And again, she screams three more times (this time I did remove my headphones).

The video jumps to Evelyn's original reaction (lucky for us she filmed it) where she ran through the streets, pushed forward on adrenaline and used her inhaler to keep her breath. 

“I don’t run,” she says. “I ran a mile off the pure adrenaline while my brother sat frozen at home.”

Evelyn gives shout outs to God, her family and friends for making this possible. She also thanks her cousin for screaming “EVELYN! THAT’S MY FRIIIIIIIEND!” when she saw the screen at the tour.

She admits she thought the video would reach Bey, because “it was a good video,” but she never expected to be in Formation. She knows what this means for her now though, saying "What is a LinkedIn? I don't need a LinkedIn. Beyonce knows who I am, so get in formation."

Lastly, Evelyn leaves her fans with the lesson she learned from all of this: 


We don't know that "just being ourselves" would get noticed by Beyonce, but we sure are happy it worked for Evelyn!