Farewell Frontierville

by admin

Farewell Frontierville

So long, Frontierville, I’m abandoning the homestead
I no longer care if the animals get fed
Or terrorized by bears or snakes or foxes
I’m joining the real world instead

With great relief, I’ll give neighbors my loot
From paint buckets to nails, and a mangled work boot
For all of this collecting took time I didn’t have
And all my efforts were moot

I have a REAL groundhog in my REAL lawn that needs clobbering
And a REAL animal to groom amidst her slobbering
I have REAL goals and responsibilities I have put off for too long
For my REAL life has started cabobbling.

To all my good neighbors, I bid you farewell
I wish you the best in this place you dwell
Thank you for helping with chores on my homestead
I hope you prosper and do well

I’m headed east to the kitchen, to cook a REAL meal
For my needy family that is the REAL deal
I’ll accomplish goals that are far more important
In this three-dimensional world that has more appeal

N.D. Underwood