Fashion Disasters at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

by Amy Copperman

Fashion Disasters at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Today’s young stars have declared war on style, and unfortunately Hayden Panettiere’s schizo stilettos weren’t the only casualty of last night’s Teen Choice Awards. We’ve got Bieber in man-makeup, Swift in yet another gossamer gown, and enough neon and sparkles to be seen from space. Click on for more can’t-look-away train wrecks. You might want to wear your shades.


Hayden Panettiere



The dress wasn’t much better.



Hayden Panettiere



A total affront on the eyes.



Justin Bieber



At least the most beautiful boy in the world was there with his his cherry lip gloss and eyeliner in full force.


Demi Lovato



If this youth revolt is a war on style, Demi Lovato is dressing like Xena Warrior Princess.


Selena Gomez



I just wish it was shorter and brighter.


Taylor Swift



This is actually kind of pretty, but can the girl ever wear anything besides gossamer neutrals?


Nina Dobrev



Just weird.


Lea Michele



While other stars opted to wear neon orange, Lea chose to dye her skin that color.


Cat Deeley



I can’t decide what is worse: the fit of these pants or the fact that you could probably use them as a mirror.


Gwen Stefani



Gwen Stefani was the one respite from the hellacious choices. She looks fab!