Fashion Hits and Misses at the People’s Choice Awards

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Fashion Hits and Misses at the People’s Choice Awards

It's the People's Choice Awards! You know, the awards show that's not as important as the Globes, SAGs, or Oscars, but is more televised than the National Film Critics Circle Awards? It's the PCAs–the award show where Adam Sandler is most likely to show up, but other celebs tend to send their speeches by satellite? The awards that are decided by the people, so they're really meaningful? Yeah, they were last night. And celebs walked the red carpet! And wore dresses! Let's discuss. 


Julianne Hough



The People’s Choice Awards is like an airplane…if you take up too much room, you have to buy two tickets.


Lea Michele



Is Glee still on? Haven't the People chosen to stop watching that show? Pretty dress, though.


Kaley Cuoco



Hostess Kaley Cuoco relished the chance to dress up like a pretty, pretty princess for the night. Because when you’re a successful actress in Hollywood, you just don’t get enough chances to do that.


Olivia Munn



Fighting criticism that she is only famous for her body, Munn makes the bold fashion choice of leaving her waist home for the night.


Chloe-Grace Moretz



Acid green is on track to be one of spring’s hottest shades in fashion. Just don’t wear it if you’re older than seventeen.


Rumer Willis



"Thank you, People, for Choosing me to be born to two Hollywood celebrities who are way more talented than I am. But People, I wish you would have Chosen me a different chin, to be honest."


Morena Baccarin



The star of Homeland rocked the carpet in a white-hot pantsuit. And twelve seconds after this picture was taken, she had a serious nip slip.


Heidi Klum



If one of the designers on Project Runway had created this dress, Michael Kors would say, "It looks like someone put the top half of this dress in a Cuisinart with some glitter. In a bad way."


Naomi Watts



While showing off her gorgeous backless gown, Watts silently made plans to fire her agent for making her show up at such a low-rent gig, especially in a year she might get nominated for _actual_ awards.


Taylor Swift



Taylor attends every award show, even ones she’s not nominated at, just so that other stars will have someone to roll their eyes at.


Carrie-Anne Moss



Despite the fact that it was 14 years ago, the only thing we know Moss from is The Matrix. Judging by this getup, she seems to be sort of stuck there.