Film Premiere Fails: The Month’s Worst Red-Carpet Looks

by Allison Ford

Film Premiere Fails: The Month’s Worst Red-Carpet Looks

Being a celebrity is pretty much the easiest job in the world. You get paid to look good. You can hire all the trainers and chefs and hair stylers and makeup appliers and facialists and vajacialists in the world and write them off on your taxes. If you’re a huge star, the studio even pays for these things. Need to get dressed in the morning? You can hire a person to pick out your clothes! That’s their entire job—picking out clothes for other people to wear, so that they look good. It’s a celebrity’s job to look good, so they hire people to help keep them that way. It literally could not be easier. So how to explain these moments?


Kristen Stewart



This outfit on a teenager in Japan in July = marginally tasteful, as long as the teenager is a prostitute and it’s a particularly muggy day. This outfit at the premiere of On the Road? Not so much.


Helena Bonham Carter



For the London premiere of Les Miserables, HBC just picked up the wrappings from her children’s Christmas presents from the floor and added a jaunty belt to hold it all together. Oh wait, scratch the belt part.


Katie Holmes



Is Katie Holmes really lonely without Tom Cruise? At the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief, it appears that she has commissioned a seamstress to create her a fabric hug that wraps around her torso.


Jessica Biel



Biel is known for being quite fashion-forward, so I assume that next year we’ll all be wearing belted formal caftans from which a single sleeve has been artfully ripped? At least it’s not a jumpsuit.


Anne Hathaway



Hathaway flashed the world her vagina when she exited her limo in this dress. And that’s still not our least-favorite thing about it.


Alison Sweeney



I’m not opposed to colored extensions in general, but either do a lot or none at all; a single red strand just looks weird. Commit, lady.


Charlene Yi



The most disturbing thing about her look from the Los Angeles premiere of This Is 40 is that we can’t tell if she’s joking.


Samuel L. Jackson



“Yeah, I know it’s the premiere of my big movie Django Unchained, but my head was cold. So I put a condom on it.”


Anastasia Ganias



I don’t know who this person is, but someone might want to ask her why she felt she had to skin Big Bird and wear him as an eggshell-colored skirt. Especially when she’s wearing a white blouse – clashy!


Tom Hardy



Tom, even your hotness cannot excuse your wearing jeans and a ballcap to the premiere of Jack Reacher. Tom Cruise is there – show some respect.