Finally We Got A Real Look at Harry Styles’ New Haircut

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Finally We Got A Real Look at Harry Styles’ New Haircut

And it's not a hoax this time.

Until last week, Harry Styles has always been most recognizable for his goofy smile and long, curly locks. But all that has changed.

On May 6, the One Direction heart throb teased his cropped cut on Instagram, flashing what remained of his once-flowing mane. (The braid was donated to Little Princess Trust, because Harry's the best.) But until recently, we hadn't gotten a good look at a Harry Styles after picture.


Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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One Instagram post sent 1D fans from around the world into an extended tizzy, anxiously waiting for a peak at Styles' new look. Last week, fans got some reprieve though, as Styles was seen rocking his new short hair and what appeared to be a new hat, as well. 

Late Monday night, however, Harry was finally spotted post-haircut and sans-hat. Of course, the internet went berserk. 

The paparazzi shot was snapped from just outside the set of Dunkirk, a World War II drama in which Styles will be appearing. His role has yet to be revealed. The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, is set for release in July 2017.

While the on-set Dunkirk image was enough to settle much of the haircut buzz, it wasn't until today that fans got a clear shot of Styles' new 'do. Unfortunately, the latest and clearest picture of the popstar's cut came on a very sad occasion, the day of photographer Matt Irwin's funeral. Matt's sister Carys Bray posted the shot of her daughter Alice alongside Styles, who was a good friend of Irwin's, but deleted it and her account less than an hour later due to all the attention. The photo has since been circulating on Twitter, but we have elected not to run it here out of respect for friends and family.