Grammy Fashion 2012: What Were They Thinking?

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Grammy Fashion 2012: What Were They Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of celebrities as they are getting dressed for awards shows? Do they regret their decision to pair Timberland platforms with a mullet skirt once they're on the red carpet (we're looking at you, Robyn), or do they feel like their neon orange doily gown hit just the right note? Join us for a peek inside the minds of the stars as they strike a pose on the red carpet.





“Lane Bryant was having an underwear sale.”


Anne V and Adam Levine



Anne V: I thought this was a pool party.
Adam: I’m so hot.


Cyndi Lauper



“I have no idea where I am right now.”


Rebecca Black



“Today is Sunday, which comes after Saturday, which comes after Friday.”


Julianne Hough



“My boyfriend picked this out. My totally straight boyfriend.”


Corrine Bailey Rae



“I’m the only one here who would look exactly the same if I was upside down.”





“The only thing deeper than my plunging neckline is my faith. Thank you, cleavage crucifix.”


Nicki Minaj



“Take that, M.I.A.”





“Damn, I look good. Who said I had to be just an amazing voice?”


Kate Beckinsale



“Move over, Athena. I’m the modern-day goddess of beauty.”


Katy Perry



“The carpet may not match the drapes, but the dress does.”


Paris Hilton



“Mummies are hot.”


Taylor Swift



“Maybe if I dress like an awards-show statue, it’ll increase my odds of winning. Oh wait, the statue for the Grammys is a gramophone? I should have done my hair differently.”





“Finally, my love of platforms, Timberlands, and mini mullet skirts can be combined in one outfit. I bet no one will guess that I made this all by hand ten minutes before the show.”


Mayra Veronica



“I look like a tie-dyed mermaid from the sixties. I wonder if I could get a job hawking credit reports …”

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