Gwen Stefani’s 10 Most Badass Music Video Style Moments

by Maggie Dickman

Gwen Stefani’s 10 Most Badass Music Video Style Moments

From her No Doubt days to The Voice, Gwen Stefani has always held her place as one of the most badass women in music today. In celebration of the singer’s 47th birthday, here are some of her most epic music video style moments.


“It’s My Life”



Gwen Stefani dazzles like a ’20s beauty in No Doubt’s “It’s My Life,” and we absolutely adore those finger waves. We’d like an appointment with her hairstylist, please.


“Underneath It All”



Nothing screams early 2000s better than the belly top and studded belt that Stefani rocked in No Doubt’s “Underneath It All.” But only Gwen can make this ensemble look utterly amazing.


“Hollaback Girl”



“Hollaback Girl” was Gwen’s solo breakout single after her days with No Doubt, and though the look is pretty simplistic, she rocks her signature red lip and a sassy attitude that we all aspire to have.





If this music video proves anything, it’s that Gwen Stefani can actually look cool in anything—especially in that animal print and updo combo. Elegant and edgy—just like Stefani herself.


“The Great Escape”



If Gwen has proved anything throughout the years, it’s that she can rock any outfit combination. Her cateye flick, sleek hair and striped prison-esque outfit create the most effortlessly cool look for this 2006 jam.


“Settle Down”



No Doubt returned in 2012 with a bang, and “Settle Down” features some of the best accessories. Even more? It gives us all serious red lip envy. Where can we get our hands on this fire engine shade of red?


“Used To Love You”



Gwen’s iconic 2015 “Used To Love You” reminded us just how much we love this lady’s heart-wrenching lyrics—and her ever-changing shades of blonde.


“Make Me Like You”



“Make Me Like You” is a whimsical video, and Gwen’s retro vibes are seriously stunning. We’d like to volunteer to get our hair done at that rockin’ salon, please!


“Go Ahead And Break My Heart” with Blake Shelton



So this may not be an actual music video, but this stunning performance was too good not to include. Her and Blake are a dream, but we almost love that dress even more.


…And we have to include her 1998 MTV VMAs look



Ah, the nineties. This look might not be from a music video, but the MTV VMA’s are the closest thing to it. Gwen’s matching blue hair and bikini top from the red carpet in 1998 is one of her most iconic fashion moments to date—and we’re still glad she took the risk.