Harry Potter’s Childhood Home Can Be Yours For A Half Million Pounds

by Bethany Lozier

Harry Potter’s Childhood Home Can Be Yours For A Half Million Pounds

We all wanted to be Harry Potter growing up, and though we wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a bedroom under the stairs, the nostalgia factor here is undeniably tempting. Accio a half million pounds!


Harry Potter, famously known as the Boy Who Lived (or even better, the magical boy next door), obviously did not enjoy the most ideal childhood living situation.


After all, anyone who’s forced to dwell inside of a makeshift-cupboard-closet under the stairs while also enduring eternally dreadful family members has to have supernatural powers (which, thankfully, our boy Harry possessed and then some).


But even though the Dursley’s home often staged heated arguments and was once ambushed by thousands of Hogwarts acceptance letters for Harry, even the most diehard fans cannot deny the nostalgic appeal of Harry’s childhood dwelling. Even through the seemingly endless strife of Harry’s youth, there’s still some sort of enchanting appeal about 4 Privet Drive — it is, after all, where the most magical literary journey ever written begins.


Luckily for us Muggles (don’t worry, we’re still waiting for our precious Hogwarts letters any day now), it’s now possible to own a bit the of real-life Harry Potter universe. Though 4 Privet Drive is located in Little Whingeing, Surrey (Southern England), in the books, it’s actually situated at 12 Picket Post Close in Martins Heron, Blackwell (Northern England), — and now you can buy the famous house for yourself!


But before you start breaking out your plastic and credit cards, you should be aware that this national monument (not really) costs around half a million pounds, or roughly $619,425. So unless you have this sizable fortune burning a hole in your pocket, maybe it’s best to purchase some other Potterhead memorabilia instead.


However, should you be interested in purchasing this magical property, the official online listing mysteriously fails to mention the important wizarding events that once transpired within the house’s walls (like when Harry Potter single-handedly warded off the Dark Lord himself, for example).


In fact, the ad makes absolutely no reference to the home’s relation to the Harry Potter universe — probably a marketing move to attract more Muggle residents, TBH.


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Though we admittedly cannot afford this property at this moment in time, (our local bank doesn’t stock Galleons for some absurd reason), we’re eager to see which lucky souls will get to spend their days residing where young Mr. Potter once did. And if three bedrooms aren’t enough to store all of your precious belongings or unwanted guests, there’s a great storage space under the staircase.