Heidi Klum Is The Queen Of Halloween

by McKenzie Pendergrass

Heidi Klum Is The Queen Of Halloween

Heidi Klum throws one of the biggest Halloween parties every year, and her costumes never disappoint.



Jessica Rabbit. An old lady. A Hindu goddess. A butterfly. Heidi Klum has turned a lot of heads with her Halloween costumes over the years, and whether she’s stirring up controversy or wearing full-body prosthetics, she definitely is the queen of Halloween. Every year, Klum throws a star-studded bash, and every year she takes the top prize for most inventive costume.


Sometimes she keeps it casual. You know, just an elaborate dress in the style of Cleopatra. Sometimes she opts for full body paint. Like that time she went as a dead person with no skin. And sometimes she undergoes hours of hair and makeup to transform herself into a cartoon character (uh, hello Jessica Rabbit?!).


Personally, I think her butterfly look killed it. Those wings! Those bug eyes! Plus, butterflies are totally underrated and not to mention totally gorgeous. For Klum, it’s more about the look than it is the partying. (Like, come on, who would actually be able to dance with those wings?) One thing’s for sure, though; if you’re feeling glum about your Halloween costumes this year, Klum will inspire you to go the extra mile.


Klum takes Halloween dedication to the next level. I bet she has her costumes planned for the next five years. So I’m left wondering… what will her costume be this year? It seems unlikely we’ll get an invite to the party, so I’ll just be scouring the net looking for the photos from her glamorous bash. And when I walk into my own party wearing a ratty pink dress with a box of Eggos in hand, I’ll just remember Heidi Klum’s out there somewhere, slaying the Halloween game for all of us.